Monday, December 31, 2007

3 hours, 52 minutes and counting!

So, here we are with a few hours left in 2007. There is a party going on down in the refectory that started at 6:00, but 6:00 is too early. I'm going for the fashionably late thing, and I'm going to go at 9:00 or so. Ok, I'm lying; I'm waiting because SCRUBS is on! Ha. I think I'm going to make popcorn as my snack to share, because that's what I have and everyone loves popcorn.

Anyway, 2007... Some highlights:

1.I moved to seminary and started CPE. CPE was a great experience for me and I met a lot of great people. I miss them, but sometimes some of us still talk. Good times.

2.Sunscreen was born!!! Yay! He's adorable! I love that child like crazy. He's seven months old now and he's so adorable.

3.I made LOTS of AWESOME friends! It's amazing that there are so many awesome people in one place.

4.I passed Greek! Woohoo!

There were several more great things, but those were the highlights. Thanks for reading, my dear and loyal readers. I wish you the best of celebrations, and be safe.

Oh, and this post sets me over the number of last year's posts! Got it in under the wire!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Time is fast approaching!

I am leaving for Israel on Thursday! I can't believe it. I'm going to be out of the country for 17 days. This is going to be a week of firsts. My first airplane ride without jumping out, my first time seeing an ocean (if I will be able to see it from the plane; I'm thinking cloud cover, here). My first time using my passport. I'm so excited.

YS and I went to Peoria today to do some shopping. I needed to get some stuff for the trip. I think I have everything I'm going to need. Hopefully, anyway.

I need to write down some information to take with me, and I need to pack and check and recheck to make sure I have everything, but I'm excited. I even got my hair trimmed up tonight (By a professional, even!) in anticipation of going.

I hope everyone else who is gearing up to go someplace for J-Term is getting excited as well. I'm confident there will be many interesting experiences. I'm excited to go, to experience, to come back, to share, and to here other people's experiences! Pretty much, I'm just excited all around. Yeehaw! Peace out, ya'll.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Here I sit, with 34 minutes and change left to Christmas day. I have had a pretty good holiday, although it's been different. My whole family never got all the way together, but I did see all of them at one point or another. Sis, BiL, Howard, Sunscreen and I went and visited Ma in the home on Christmas Eve and celebrated with her then. Younger Older Brother and his wife and son went to see Ma tonight. When they got there, Oldest Brother was there, sans his wife. Shortly after YOB arrived, I did, as well. We spent several hours with her, so that was something.

I also went tonight to see Grandma and celebrate a little with her. We're not advised to take either Grandma or Ma out of the home. Ma, because she would put up a fight in going back, and Grandma because it is too physically taxing on her body.

Sis didn't have a real tree this year. She had this really sparse, "Charlie Brown" tree that she put silver and gold decorations on. No lights. The first real, in the living room tree I saw was tonight at YS's house. It was pretty, but it made me realize I missed having a big, real Christmas tree all decked out with ornaments that we've had FOREVER, and with big colored lights on it. But, circumstances change, and it's important to change with them.

On Christmas Eve, I got to church and sat down at a table in the fellowship hall because I'm still not feeling 100% from being sick. I was talking with some people and found out a really cool guy from church died on Sunday. I was bummed. They were snowbirds, and so he died in Florida, but they're coming back this week for the funeral. I can't believe he's gone. He wasn't even that old, and he seemed to be in great health. He and his wife used to come in and eat at Restaurant and tease me in a good natured way. I'm going to miss the guy. I'm sure they would appreciate prayers. You may not know their names, but God does.

While I was sitting there, Pastor came up to me and said, "I need to talk to you for a minute." So, I followed him to his office. I figured he was going to ask me to help lead worship. I'd done so in the past, and I had been in to have a chat with him on Tuesday and he mentioned it. So, he said, "Here's what your parts are, and this is what you do." So, I was like, "Cool, I can handle that." And then he went over behind his desk and brought out a gift bag and said, "The congregation got you a gift." I said, "Really? That was nice. They didn't have to do that." And he said, "But they wanted to." And he set the bag on the table and said, "Take a peek." So, I read the card that was attached to the handle and looked inside and said, "Are you serious?" And I pulled out a Canon Sure Shot digital camera. The card had said, "Trish, Enjoy your trip to the Holy Land. Take lots of pictures! We would be happy to see them. Merry Christmas." Awesome! I had mentioned in passing a good long while ago that I was pumped because YS's boyfriend was going to loan me his digital camera, but Pastor said that they thought I should have my own. Wow. I am so blessed to be in this family of faith. So many of them stopped and chatted with me after the service and asked about life and about everything. They really care about me, and I really care about them. I think and hope this is the way it's supposed to be; what with all this love and stuff. They're over the top with showing me love sometimes, but I'm so grateful.

So, besides having no beef balls, no egg nog, no pickled herring, and no Christmas tree, it was still a pretty good holiday. Somewhat bittersweet with what is going on with Mom and all, but still more good than not. I hope you all had a marvelous, fantastic day, and that you are trusting in the promises of what the future holds. Peace out, y'all.

Oh, p.s. 8 more days or so til we leave for ISRAEL!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

My hiatus

I haven't posted in a few days because I've been siiiiick. Ugh. Oh well, I'm glad it was now, and not in 11 days when we leave for ISRAEL!!! Woohoo! Speaking of Israel, I need to get my report done. But, the book hasn't come yet. However, I did see a smidge about my "site" on the History channel today: The Holy Sepulcher. Neato, Chuck.

Anyway, I'm feeling human again, so that is a good thing. I get sick every year around this time. At least it's predictable.

It's snowing a little bit here, but I don't expect it will accumulate much. maybe 1/4 inch or so, at most.

Oh, I'm watching the History Channel some more, and they have a show on all about some stuff we learned in Foundations of the Church. Wowza! It's actually kinda neat. And speaking of school, I got a B on my final Exegetical paper. The professor wrote at the end, "You got solid credit for the course. Good Job!" Sweet!

After this post, I want to write at least two more so I can be at least equal to last year's posting level. Much to your chagrin, I'm sure. :) Ha. J/K, J/K...

Alright, and with that, I'm out, y'all. Have a happy day.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Cool little song

Back in November, for the seminary's "Considering Your Call" weekend, a "coffeehouse" was held. Coffeehouse is a time where talented people from our seminary community showcase their talent. And let me tell you all something: This community has some AWESOME talent. One of my friends sang the song, "I don't want to live on the moon," from Sesame Street. She used to work at a pre-school, and so she learned the lyrics and the guitar chords and what not. I don't remember having heard this song from my Sesame Street Days, but it was worth finding. For your viewing pleasure, here is one of the many videos from YouTube.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Who knew?

Wow, ever since I posted Ma's recipe for the WORLD'S BEST EGGNOG, I have gotten lots and lots of hits to my site. As a matter of fact, if you Googe, "How to make the world's best eggnog," my blog is the number one hit. People are getting ready for the holidays, I guess. I'm serious though, try this recipe. It's delicious. Even if you've had eggnog before and didn't like it, you should try this recipe.

Anyway, the Castle is pretty empty by now. Most of my friends have already left to their homes and or holiday destinations. I got to drive a friend to the airport today, even. He's going to Washington State. I don't blame him for not wanting to drive. Unfortunately, he didn't move his car before he left, and I think the maintenance people are planning to plow the parking lot tomorrow. I guess they will just have to work around his vehicle. I am staying here until Monday though, because I need to read a bunch of stuff and write a two page report on a site in Israel that we are going to visit in only a few short weeks. I can't believe it. I also think I may go Christmas shopping tomorrow. It's so convenient having a mall that is five minutes away. Sweet! City living is pretty cool.

So, anyway, that is my life right now. I'm hoping that some of my graded things will find their way into my mailbox on Monday before I leave so I can know more of how I did. Who knows? I'm out though. I am going to straighten up my room. See ya.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Watch out below!

Ok, first thing is first... I'm done with this semester. I'm fairly confident that I passed everything. The only thing I'm even slightly worried about is Exegetical Readings in the Greek New Testament, but I think I passed. I hope, anyway.

We had our history test today. Everyone was worried about that one. We studied SO hard, and came together to share knowledge. It was wonderful. Many of us walked away feeling much more confident about this test than the last. WooHoo.

Tonight, a friend invited me down to his place at some of the campus apartments. We watched my skydiving video, the movie, "Saved," and then we went to the park in town to look at the Christmas lights and support a good cause. It was an all around good night, except for the stuff leading up to hanging out...

I had to go run an errand, and as I was going out to my car, I saw a Seminary Volunteer having some difficulties getting out of her parking space, due to all the snow and ice. I shoveled some tracks for her and then another seminary friend came and we pushed her out. That was cool; I was glad to help. That's not the bad thing leading up to the hanging out.

Then, I was scraping the half inch of ice off my car so I could drive it, and I scraped up one of my fingers. Not too bad, though. And, the same seminary friend who helped me push the volunteer's car out helped me chip off the ice. So, that's not the bad thing, either.

When I got back from running my errand, I piddled around my room for a bit and was heading out to go to the apartments. I planned on walking because it's only a short walk. Another classmate was trying to get out, but the car was having difficulties. But, he managed to get out and make it out of the parking lot. I was proud because he is one of our international students who is not used to snow.

So, when I got down to the apartments, my friend said that he couldn't get his car to move at all. I helped him shovel a bunch of snow from around his car. He laid some salt and kitty litter and then another friend came and helped us push his car out. The friend I was going to hang out with, "J," parked it someplace where he wouldn't get stuck. We were heading toward the apartments, J holding the three buckets of stuff, and me carrying the shovel when all of a sudden I slipped and fell down really hard. J came over quickly and was like, "OH my! Are you ok?" I was just sitting there and I realized I needed to answer, but it knocked the wind straight outta me. I managed to whisper, "I'll be alright. I just need to stay here a second." So, I laid down. J came and took the shovel away because I was lying on it. I just kept repeating, "I'm okay, just give me a minute." Then we were laughing and I made a joke about how my breathing made me sound like I was giving birth. After a couple of minutes, I got up and we hung out. That was fun, although I had a monstrous headache and ended up cutting the night somewhat short. But, alas, what are you going to do? Anyway, my head is still hurting, so I'm going to go now. Stay safe in this winter weather!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

World's Best Eggnog

This is the WORLD'S BEST eggnog. Courtesy: Ma's collection of favorites.

Eggnog Saronno

6 egg yolks
1/2 Cup sugar
1 quart milk
3/4 cup Amaretto di Saronno
2 teaspoons vanilla
2 Cups (1 pint) heavy cream
6 egg whites, stiffly beaten

In a saucepan, combine egg yolks, sugar and milk. Beat until smooth. Stir in Amaretto di Saronno. Stir over low heat until mixture thickens slightly and coats a metal spoon. Cover and chill. Stir in vanilla and 1 cup of the cream. Pour mixture into a 2-1/2 quart punch bowl. Beat remaining cream until stiff. Fold cream and egg whites into milk muixture. Serve at once, garnished with dollops of additional whipped cream and freshly grated nutmeg. Makes 10 to 12 servings.

in an effort to make myself laugh...

I've begun looking at all these lolcats things. Here's a funny one (but not of a cat).

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Thursday, December 06, 2007


Got some bad news earlier this afternoon. It has thrown me for a loop. I'm trying to decide how to feel about it. I think I'm going to go out to my car and scream for a little while.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

I just felt like running.

Make sure to say the title of this post in a "Forrest Gump" type accent.

I just got back from taking my garbage out to the dumpster. The way I go involves going to the basement, past the "Re-formation Room," and out the door right by the little shed that has the trash and recycling.

I also go by the youth room.

As I was coming back from dropping off my bag of garbage, I ran down the hallway past the workout room, and then stopped as I came to the stairs to bring me back up to my room.

"What is the point of the story, already? Jeez!"

Ha. Well, the point is, I realized that I pretty much ALWAYS run down that particular hallway after I'm done taking my garbage around. And it's just interesting because I don't run very much. But I think all this running could have something to do with the fact that this hallway has kids in it a lot! Maybe a little bit of their energy is "present" in the place.

Stop rolling your eyes.

I'm not much one for the whole, "Oh, a part of you is still here," blah blah blah. It's just interesting that that hallway INVITES me to run in it. It's probably my own mind that says, "Kids are here! Kids have energy! You have energy, too! RUN!!!!!!" Ha. Anyway, I thought it was worth sharing. Have a delightful day.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

I've decided.

Well, I have decided that I am going to begin writing my autobiography.

Stop screaming; I'm not going to post it on here.

Ha. Okay. Well, you may be wondering, "Why is this 25 year old young lady going to start writing her biography? She's not running for public office or being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize or anything. What benefits could she possibly foresee of such a task?"

Let me tell you this: I have had some "different" experiences in my life, as I'm sure you all have. However, as I continue to prepare for ordained ministry in the future, I think that it would be helpful for me to have my life written out. Not just for the sake of writing it out, mind you, but for the purpose of REFLECTION.

Reflection is not something I am always intentional about. Oftentimes, stuff happens and I just forge right ahead, not taking the time to really think about how this "stuff" has affected me.

CPE is a good place for reflection, but seeing as I've already completed that aspect of my seminary education, I thought it might be a good idea to make it a part of my personal practice.

I don't know how long my story will end up being, but I do know that I will be interested in what comes of my telling the story. I said earlier that I won't subject you all to it, but don't be surprised if occasionally I do put something of it on here. But, I don't plan on boring you all to death with all the events of my life. I'm kind of excited about this new venture. Maybe the excitement will wear off, but at least I'll have given it a shot. See you all later.

Thursday, November 29, 2007


A "year" is coming to a close for me very quickly. Tomorrow is November 30th (duh, I know) and thus, after tomorrow, I will have been unemployed for one full year. You haven't heard any Restaurant stories lately because, well, I haven't been there to gain any new ones. I've stopped in from time to time, but haven't had any funny, uncomfortable, or heartening stories from there for quite some time.

This past Sunday, I stopped in for one quick minute after leading worship at Pastor's "other" church. Restaurant and OC are in the same town. I couldn't help but thinking about how last year at this time, Female Boss was not being nice to me at all. But, I needed to stop, if you get my drift. Lol. Anyway, I was only in there for maybe 10 minutes, tops because I said hey to some people before heading off. It's still weird going in there and realizing I will NEVER work there ever again; especially considering that place was a big part of my life for 9 1/2 years. There are new faces doing the work, and there have been a few changes for the ones I still know. Unfortunately, Female Boss is still the same. One of my best friends in the world is the 78 year old cook who still cranks out awesome food on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays there, and she sent me a birthday card that said, among other things, "Work is still the same. :(" I feel so bad for her. My friend shouldn't be treated the way she is treated, and dangit, I love the woman and want her to be happy.

I digress...

What is weird is that I am sitting here at my desk, after a morning of class, small group, and chapel, and yet, I am smelling the unmistakable smell of chicken grease. That's one of the "little things" I have enjoyed about not working at Restaurant; the not smelling like chicken grease all the time. Even though other people weren't able to smell the grease after work, I could, and it drove me up the wall. So now, it's just kind of bizarre to me that as I near this "milestone," I am smelling the smelly smell of something that smells smelly: My nemesis, chicken grease. I haven't been around grease for a good long while, and we had hot dogs for lunch today, so I couldn't have gotten it from the cafeteria. Maybe it's my brain playing tricks on me. It's not like I'm longing to go back to work there, anyway. It's just odd, I guess, and something I felt like posting. Have a good day.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Some mild procrastination...

Here I sit at 1:48 in the afternoon, blogging. What I SHOULD be doing is writing a history paper to hand in for tomorrow so I can go play with my friends tonight, but I'm putting it off a bit. I am fairly certain that he is giving some of us an extension because he didn't get our previous papers back til this week. Anyway, I should still get on that.

After kind of a stressful past week or so, I'm chillin' out again. I think Grandma is doing better, and so my brother's words are not looming over me anymore. She might even be going back to the home today or so. Exciting.

I have been very goofy all day. It's that whole "internal reset" thing, I think. I was making jokes and giggling all day. In Exegetical Readings in the New Testament, one of my classmates said, "Trish has a contagious giggle." It was a proud, proud moment.

Anyway, the semester's end is fast approaching. It is really hard to believe. Time flies when you're having fun. I hope you all are having fun, too. Later.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Back from...Vacation?

Well, I got back from "home" last night around 6:30 or so. I carted all my stuff up to my room last night, checked my email and facebook, and laid down to have some "quiet time." However, I fell promptly asleep! That was around 8:00 p.m. I woke up at 8:30 because I was snoring. That was weird, because I'm not a snorer, but I was last night. So, I got up, put my pjs on, did a quick run thru of bedtime procedure, and laid back down. I slept til 8:00 this morning, and even then, I took about a half hour nap after chapel (I didn't have discussion group at that time, so I was free). I was so tired. While I was "home," I didn't sleep that well, and last week was fairly overwhelming anyway. I had about 4 Seminary dreams, with the most recent one last night. It involved a test done on a steeple on sight at the seminary (We don't have a steeple) and a classmate with a SEVERELY bloody nose. It was gross, but kinda funny at the same time.

Last Wednesday, I was at my home church for Thanksgiving Eve worship. After it was over, I was chatting with Pastor and his wife for a little while, ironing out details for Sunday because they were going to be gone and I was set to lead worship. So, after we were done chatting, I went out, got in Neno, and turned the key, but it wouldn't start. I thought, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?" Last time my car broke down, it was at the coke shop in the same town. I had to call Pastor that day to see if he could come help me. Well, Wednesday was no different. He tried jump starting my car, but that wasn't the problem. He drove me about 12 miles to a place where Sis could pick me up. I felt bad because it wasn't a nice night outside and everytime my car breaks, he ends up having to help me. Oy veh.

Anyway, Sis came and got me, and I felt bad for dragging her out of the house on a cold, rainy evening. So, after we got home, we talked a while and did some minor prep for Thanksgiving. But, she was tired and went to bed. I, on the other hand, wanting to make up for dragging Sis away, stayed up and cleaned the house like a mad woman.

The next day was Thanksgiving, so I couldn't call my mechanic (a real nice guy I actually TRUST with my car. He is very reasonable and an all around great dude). So, I enjoyed Thanksgiving with Sis, BiL, and BiL's family. None of my family members were there (My other sibs had other things to do, and the nursing home people suggest not taking loved ones home because there are often issues in getting them back to the home). I love BiL's family; I just missed celebrating with my own. Oh well. It was better than the years I got left at home all alone on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

So, the next day was Friday. I called the mechanic early and got his wife. He called later and said he'd go have a gander. BiL let me borrow his van to take my car keys to the mechanic, and so I also went and visited Grandma! She lives at a nursing home in ChurchTown. Granny is 94 years old, is very forgetful, but she is still Grandma. She throws out one-liners all the time and she's just wonderful. I love her so much. She was happy to see me and I was so glad I got to see her. After I had visited for a while, I left. The mechanic called and said we needed to get my car from ChurchTown to MechanicTown (about 15 miles away). So, I had to have it towed. Thankfully, there is a towing place in ChurchTown that is incredibly reasonable. Plus, I think I have some sort of towing insurance, so I'll be turning that in. Mechanic said the problem was the fuel pump. When I drove a Jeep, I had to have that part replaced once and it cost me 19 dollars. This time, including the part, labor, and towing, it cost me about 600 dollars. Yikes. Oh well.

When Sunday rolled around, I had my car back, so thankfully I had no troubles getting to Church and Pastor's "other" church so I could lead worship/preach. For some reason, I was having difficulties with the text for Sunday, and was not at all happy with what I sent Pastor. He replied with some suggestions and comments earlier in the week. It was funny because we chatted a little bit about it on Wednesday and he said he was hoping he didn't sound too critical. I told him that he wasn't, and that I knew what I sent him was less than stellar, so that made him feel better. He seemed kind of surprised that I could tell it was not a good message, but he also seemed grateful because he was afraid that I thought this was "the best one yet!" I said that definitely was NOT the case, and so I reworked it that same day, and he said the revision was much more my style. The last time I preached on Christ the King Sunday was much easier to do though. That was the message I posted here on my blog. "Humpty Dumpty..." Remember?

Anyway... Sunday went pretty well, except when I got into the car after the first service so I could go to the other church, I saw that I had a voicemail. It was Oldest Brother telling me that Grandma was in the hospital and she might die. I called him back and asked what hospital she was in, and made plans to go there when I was done with leading worship. When I got there, she was looking good. I talked with her aide and she said Grandma was doing quite well and was throwing out little one liner jokes and being Grandma. That's the neat thing; even though Grandma is incredibily forgetful and doesn't always know who we are, she is still herself. And really, I think she's better mentally than Ma. It's weird. I don't think Grandma is going to die anytime soon. Although I'm very grateful that she was at the hospital because she had a cardiac episode where her BP was something like 200/100. If she hadn't been there, it could've been lights out. I'm trying to be realistic, considering Granny is 94 years old, but she looks really good, and so I'm going to be optimistic.

Anyway, that was my week/weekend in a nutshell. I had a good time with the nephews and just being at home, but I'm glad to be back at the Castle. I wish I would have had time to see Mom, but the place she is at is far away and with all that happened, I just couldn't make it over there. YS went on Thanksgiving, so that was good. I will get to see her hopefully sooner than later, but life happens. Anyway, I'm going to do some work and go to bed. I'm still so tired. Have a good day.

Friday, November 23, 2007

A Crazy Dream!

I had a crazy dream last night, probably because I went to bed at 4:00 a.m. When I mess with my schedule like that, weird things are bound to happen! Ha. I'm posting the dream because it was about the Mothership!

A couple of my friends from the Castle and I were stealing change from the vending machines. But, then my pastor came to my room and he was going through all my stuff and he said, "Where did all this change come from?" And I said, "I have no idea what you're talking about!" So, he left and suddenly my friends and I were in my childhood home's living room. ST, AZ, LT, and some other people who didn't LOOK like my seminary pals, but really were, were there. I said, "If we get caught, we're going to be expelled!" The friends were like, "We're not going to get caught so long as you keep your mouth shut!" So then, we went across the street to a place that had changed signs/ownership about 3 times in the course of the dream. When we went in, it had a "cubs" sign on it. And then I woke up. It was bizarre.

I just had a thought... The other night, I went to Thanksgiving Eve worship on Wednesday, and after it, I was talking with Pastor. We were ironing out some of the details for Sunday because he's gone and I'm leading worship. Anyway, so then, I went out to my car to go back to Sis and BiL's house, but the car would not start. Pastor tried jump starting my vehicle, but that was not the problem. So, I called Sis and she said she'd come get me. Pastor took me partway so Sis wouldn't have to come ALL the way to Church town. So, Pastor and I were talking and then Sis came. So, I probably just had him in my mind because of that.

The whole issue of the coins is what is interesting to me. It was all change. At first, I thought that perhaps I was dreaming about change because I was watching the Law and Order marathon last night and some guy was stealing quarters out of the newspaper boxes. But, the whole fact that THE CHANGE was coupled with some of my NEW friends and I being transported suddenly to my OLD house, has me thinking maybe otherwise. Who knows, maybe I'm overanalyzing it and I really did just have the dream because I was watching L&O until 4 a.m. It just was something I thought was worth noting.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, my car's issue is a bad fuel pump. Bummer. My mechanic is going to try to have it back up and running by Sunday so I can go back to the Mothership. I need to find my towing voucher from my insurance so it won't be so expensive. Ugh. At least every time my car has broken down in the past few months, it's done it near "home!" I would feel lots worse about it if it happened at SeminaryTown. And seeing as I'm up there more often than not, it's kind of interesting that it's only ever broken down near "home." Cool.

And one last point of interest that I'm sure no one really cares about but me! BiL said he was going to make MY FAVORITE MEAL tonight! I'm super excited! Roast (medium rare done in the oven), mashed taters, and dark gravy! Oh, and asparagus. yay! I've had a hankering for about two months! Ha. Later, y'all.


Well, Thanksgiving is over. I'm really thankful for a lot, but unfortunately, I've not been intentional thus far about thinking on and reflecting about what it is I am grateful for. Despite all the things that I wish were not a part of life in general, and my life in particular, I have a good life.

I have four siblings whom I love, even if I don't "like" all four of them sometimes. Two of my sibs have beautiful, talented, smart, and loving children who I feel blessed to have them call me Aunt. I am grateful for the twenty or so years I had with my mother before she began the slide into dementia, and really, I was about 23 or so by the time it really started affecting her badly. I'm also grateful for having known, at some point in my life, the wonderful reality of having two loving parents who did a lot to protect and care for me.

People in my life have also been a huge source of blessing. The many friends and acquaintances I have made are just phenomenal. I have friends I have known for twenty years, and friends I have known for three months, and everything in between. Their companionship on this road through life has meant so much to me that I am awestruck by the fact that people are willing to be open enough to be my friend, and who allow me to be who I am with them. Friendship can be a give and take, and it's just amazing how much my friends give me. Thanks y'all. I wub ya!

I also feel blessed to have had the educational opportunities I have had. I am a college graduate, and am now being educated at the graduate level to hopefully do something I am discerning I am called to do. Not everyone has the time or resources to do these things, and I am grateful for the gift of frugality, and for the help I've been given to help me get to the place I am.

Adventures are a fairly regular piece of my life. I have had the exhilarating, awesome, breath-taking experience of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, not once, but TWICE, AND have lived to tell about it. I am easily amused and can have fun doing a wide range of activities.

And, last for this post, but certainly not least, I am incredibly grateful for the local church of which I am a member, and for the Church as a whole. While I may not like all the views of some church bodies, and even some people of "my" church, I still appreciate the fact that they are beloved children of God, and thus, we are all united into the family of faith. I am grateful that my home church has been such a nurturing and supportive environment, and I'm grateful that the ELCA has practices and policies in place that allow me to use my gifts to serve Jesus by serving people, publicly and privately. I am blessed.

There is much else for which I am grateful, but this post is getting long. I feel like I'm giving an Oscar speech or something. Ha. I hope that you all have had opportunity to reflect on those things for which you are thankful, and that you find that these things are gifts we are blessed to have from God. Have a great day.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving Break

Well... Today was the last day of classes for the week because we are now on Thanksgiving break. I did a bunch of work before today, which is nice, because my week can be a little more relaxed now. I did actually bring some work "home" with me, and I intend to do it, but I'm cool with whatever happens.

I am a horrid, horrid person. I have been so darn tired lately that I have been skipping chapel a bit lately. And, I skipped a class today, too. Maybe after relaxing this week, I'll be back on my "A" game.

I met with a senior the other evening to plan for our day of chapel leading. Our day is going to be Thursday, December 6th. I think I'm pretty much ready. I found some information on the commemoration of Nicholas, Bishop of Myra that I can read on that day, and I have the Prayer of the Day figured out, and I have already written the Prayers of the People. So, it's pretty much a, "show up for the other planning meeting, practice a time or two, and then show up on our day" thing. I'm fairly excited. Not nervous right now, so hopefully that stays true.

I'm leading worship this Sunday. I wasn't real happy with the sermon I sent off to Pastor for approval, and so I wasn't surprised when he gave me some suggestions. So, I'll be reworking it later. It's cool though, I can take constructive criticism. Yup.

Anyway, I got "home" tonight and Sunscreen was eating some baby food. He gave me big smiles when I came in. That kid is SO flippin' adorable. And then Howard came around the corner and was running in circles because that is what he does when he's excited. He gave me a big hug and a pat on the back and he said, "Awww." That's what he does when he hugs: hug, pat, Aww. These kids are so awesome, and I'm so thankful for them.

And, that's pretty much all I wanted to say right now. I'm just chilling here at Sis and BiL's house. Sis is making dinner for BiL's family this year, and I'm included in on it. My family won't be coming. So, it's kinda sad that YS and YSB won't be here, and that Older Brother the Younger and his wife and son aren't coming either, but such is life and the changes it brings. I have tentative plans to visit Ma and Grandma in their respective nursing homes, and hopefully I can get someone to come with me. We'll just have to see. I hope you all have a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Remember, don't drive when you're about ready to go into a Turkey Coma. It's not safe. :) Later.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Randomness (as if there is much of anything else!)

Hola. Happy Sunday.

Today I am thinking about "church homes." When I was a little girl, my sisters and I didn't go to church, per se. We did, however, go across the street to the Christian Church and do Sunday School. It was a time where we sang kid hymns and had fun. Then, we would all go to our classrooms and have a lesson or something. It was fun. Then, Mom decided when I was 13, that it was time to return to her Lutheran roots. She had been confirmed in the Lutheran Church in the next town over. I think a lot of things prompted her return to the Church. Our father, her husband of 38 years, had died the year previous. She had had a heart attack herself, 6 months after he died, and I was diagnosed with some endocrine things. The way she broached the subject with us, though, was by saying, "I've heard there is a new pastor over at LutheranChurch, and from what I hear, he's really good. We're going to start going." That was about the week before Lent started in 1996. YS and I kind of looked at each other and were like, "Is she serious?"

We liked the ease of the Christian Church, and were not thrilled about going to some new place that we'd only been about two or three times in our life.

That first Wednesday in Lent rolled around, and we went to the service. I honestly don't remember much at all about it, except that it was different from what I was used to, and that Ma made us put dresses on. (I HATE WEARING DRESSES!).

After we got home from that Lenten service, Ma said, "We're going to go on Sunday, too." YS and I were thinking, "Are you kidding me?" But, we started going. And every Saturday night we would ask Ma, "Do we have to go to church in the morning?" And every Saturday night, Ma would say, "Yes. We're going to church in the morning." This went on for probably about six months until she said, "Yes, we're going to church in the morning. Stop asking." So, whatever. The pastor was really nice to us. We just missed our friends and messing around at Sunday School.

I don't really know at what point I actually started LIKING church. I remember once when Ma was away on a weekend and I wanted to go, even though she wasn't there to make us. YS didn't though, so I think she won out. However, I have been to church by myself many times henceforth.

And here I am, at a Lutheran seminary, preparing to become a leader of the Church myself. It's kind of bizarre, this twist in my life that has helped lead me here. YS still doesn't like church, but she is a baptized and confirmed member. Sis also was baptized and confirmed as an adult because she saw YS and I doing it. And she has since had her own children baptized. That makes me thrilled, to say the least.

So, back to "church homes." My home church has been a place of tremendous growth and support for me. The nurturing they have shown is amazing, and I am incredibly thankful for their feedback and caring. So, when I came here, one of the most difficult things has been finding a place to worship that feels "right." The places here in town that I have been to are nice, but for me, there is just something missing. I had a dream one night that I found a place, and I immediately KNEW it was right. Well, a bunch of friends and I went out of town a few weeks ago to worship at a place. When we got out of there and piled back into the car, we all were babbling with excitement because this was "right" for all of us! It's so exciting. We didn't go last week because there was Sunday worship on campus, but this week, I went back and took another friend because the pals I went with last time have already gone for Thanksgiving. I still really liked it. The people are warm and inviting, and they actually WELCOMED AND SPOKE with us! It was so AWESOME!

I'm a little excited; can you tell?! I just hope that when the snow starts a-flyin' that we will continue to be able to go there. It's a great congregation with a new pastor (A recent graduate of the mothership). They still use the LBW (nothing against the ELW, I just have a special fondness for the old green hymnal).

So, even though my church home will always be my church home, it's nice to have a place that fits while I'm here; a place that feels authentic and warm, almost like a fleece blanket. While I'm sure that many people are fed and are happy with the churches in town, I am so thankful for another place where I feel a part of the family again. It's nice. Thanks be to God!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I'm popular tonight.

I must be a popular woman. I was sitting at my desk tonight and my room phone rang. It was a middler with whom I have had a conversation or two. She is from my synod, and she said that the Assistant to the Bishop for Candidacy Affairs is going to be here tomorrow. Furthermore, the A to the B wants to take us to dinner, what with us being members of her synod and all. The plan was for the A to the B to take Middler, me, and the international student our synod is "sponsoring." Cool beans, yo.

Anyway, a few minutes after the phone call, I heard a knock at my door. It was a friend from down the hall. She came in and we talked for a while when the phone rang again! It was International Student saying she wouldn't be able to go tomorrow night because she is working. Bummer.

So, I got off the phone and was talking more with my pal, when ANOTHER knock to my door came. It was my good friend; the one who has taken multiple units of CPE. I have her ice cream in my room because I have a freezer. So, she came in and all three of us had a chat for a while. Then, CPE friend left and my other friend and I chatted a while longer.

So, I got multiple visitors and phone calls tonight. I'm in high demand! Ha. Anyway, I was sidetracked from my Greek paper for a while, but that's totally okay. I needed the break! Ha.

In other news, I rearranged my room! I have zero artistic vision when it comes to arranging rooms, so my friend AO came up with the plan and I did much of the work (AO got a call that she had to take, and I figured I could keep working). I was able to move my stuff because I have a system where I take broken down pop or cereal boxes and put them under the heavy stuff. The slick colored side of the boxes lets even really heavy furniture slide easily across the carpet. I moved my full bookshelf, refrigerator, and futon. Yay! It's how I've been moving furniture by myself for years. Try it sometime; I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

And with that, I need to go do a few more things and maybe do a little more Greek work tonight. Have a wonderful evening.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Today has been AWESOME!

I am so blessed, it's ridiculous. Wow. Today was my 25th birthday, and it was the BEST birthday I have had in probably at least 9 years. Usually, something bad happens to me on my birthday, but this year, it was ALL good! Wow.

It all started on Friday night. My good friend AO and I were planning a pre-birthday bash in her room. I bought margarita stuff and we invited a bunch of people. Several people came and I made margaritas in my Magic Bullet and it was good fun.

This morning, Sis called me to wish me a happy birthday. We talked for a little while, and I got to talk to Howard for a second, although he just listened to me babbling. It was fun.

A good friend from seminary Facebooked me the other day, and so she took me to lunch. We went to a Chinese place here in town. It was good food and good company. I had a good time with her.

When I got back, I was talking to a good childhood friend online when Older Brother the younger called to wish me a happy birthday. Then I talked with my childhood friend some more. While we were talking, someone knocked on my door and it was two good friends. My friends AO and SH were at the door and SH gave me a fun piece of paper that has a picture of our statue of Martin Luther and a picture of me and it says, "November 10, 2007, Celebrating the Birth of Legends!" And! She gave me a cake type thing. I had told her the previous day all about how when I was a kid, my parents would let the birthday person pick out the dinner and all the family would come over and we'd have dinner and cake and open presents. I told SH what kind of cake Ma used to make, and she found something that is VERY similar. It was so touching that she would go out and find something like that. Thanks a lot, homegirl. You ARE the bomb! AO gave me a birthday card that, when opened, "sings" the tune to Law and Order because we watch SVU every Tuesday night.

Later, I went down to AO's room and we watched "Elf" with Will Ferrell. It was SO funny. I was scream laughing at it because it was so amusing.

I went back to my room for a little while, and then we went down to the Refectory because this is prospective student weekend and we have a coffeehouse where talented students/faculty/family members can get up and do acts. The people here are SO amazingly talented that it's just astounding. There were musical things and funny things, and poems. Awesome. Another good friend, ST was co-MCing the event and when we were about to break for intermission, she said something along the lines of, "Today is my friend Trishmolita's birthday, so I need your help to sing to her! Trishmolita, stand up outta your chair and stand up on it! And 'Jennifer's' birthday is soon, too, so she needs to get up on her chair as well!" So, we got up on our chairs and the WHOLE refectory (faculty, students, staff, and prospective students) sang "Jennifer" and me a rousing rendition of "happy Birthday!" I turned 13 shades of red, but it was fun. Thanks ST! You are AWESOME!

So, the coffeehouse was amazing, even after I was about to explode little pieces of Trish all over the walls. My Summer Greek professor came up to me and wished me a happy birthday. He's a fun guy. Hehe. After that was over, we did Holden Evening Prayer in the chapel. AO and I got a giggling about one of the kids sitting in front of us and we almost had to leave the chapel. Thank goodness we were able to not bust out laughing. After chapel, we were all sharing the peace and a bunch of friends and fellow students were wishing me happy birthday, and a few prospective students did, and then the president of this fine institution wished me a happy birthday. Then, AO and I invited a bunch of people up to her room for some more birthday celebrations. Several people were up and it was good fun.

Then, when I got back to my room, YS had called me and she sang "Happy Birthday" to me on my voicemail. It was cool. So, 3 of my 4 siblings called me to wish me a happy birthday. My friends remembered my birthday and really made it SUCH a special day for me. I got several birthday cards from one of my aunts, from my adoptive family (Sis's neighbors), from Howard and Sunscreen's babysitter, from the friend who took me to lunch, from AO, and I got the "Legends" thing from SH. ST orchestrated the singing, and SO MANY PEOPLE wished me a happy birthday. And about 13 or so people Facebooked happy birthday messages to me. I don't think I've ever felt this special in my whole life. I'm so thankful for the many blessings in my life. This is great community and I'm so thankful. Thanks be to my many great and wonderful friends, and thanks be to God.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

A request

I'm curious about who is reading my blog. So, I have a challenge for you! (Don't worry, it's not hard!) Leave me a comment! I promise, it'll be fun. I'm curious because I have some pals here who occasionally read the ol' blog, but today, I had a visitor from town, who uses our internet service provider, and it wasn't the two friends because we were all in class together at that time. I feel like I'm playing "Clue" right now... It couldn't have been Ms. Plum because she was in the kitchen... Hehe. Whatever. Anyway, I'm out, yo.

Vascular Instability

Here at the Castle, we have announcements and fellowship time after chapel. It's pretty cool. From 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., there are no classes, but everyone can go to chapel and then sit around and chill. Once a week, the announcer asks if anyone has had a birthday or will be having a birthday this week. Today, I was outed by one of my friends because my birthday is coming up. So, one of the professors and I went up to where the announcement "podium" is, and the whole group of people sang happy birthday to us, AND we got to wear party hats, which are also dunce caps because today is dunce day or something. The whole time they were singing, I could feel my face getting redder and redder. It was funny, but then another professor came up and took a picture of us, including my bright red face. It was all in good fun though. The announcer said to me later, "Thanks for being a good sport." Ha.

I'm a blusher, no doubt. I blush ALL the time. I always joke and say, "I'm about ready to explode little pieces of Trish all over the walls!" Hehe. But, anyway, it was fun, and hey, your birthday only comes around once a year, so why not risk a little bit of embarrassment?

Oh! And I have been laughing my head off for a while. For one of my classes, we have to write short papers for our small groups. But, my small group leader has us post them online. The weeks we don't have to post about the readings, we are supposed to comment on those who did have to post. We read "Shadow of the Galilean" and I didn't have to post this week. But, I realized I hadn't commented on anyone's post for this week, and small group was today. So, I got online and posted a reply to one of my classmates who liked how the book isn't written in an "omniscient voice." I also liked that fact. I'm going to put what I wrote, because I think it's hilarious. Here it is:

"I enjoyed reading your post, Friend'sName. I, too, liked the narrative style this book employed. The fact that it was not written from "an omniscient voice" was important because, later Theissen talked about how people today "see" Jesus. We have never personally seen Jesus in the flesh; we simply learn about him and gather up information. Also, according to the beliefs of many people, faith is given as a gift, or as a response to the love of Christ. I, for one was captivated in seeing how people IN Jesus' day might have been thinking about him and his mission and ministry. It's kind of like when you're watching a scary movie and the killer is right behind someone and you scream at the T.V. "LOOK BEHIND YOU!" But if the event were happening in real life, and you were the person in the scene, you'd probably have NO idea to look behind you. Similarly, this book portrayed Jesus, not from a panoramic view, but in a manner that shows that people had no idea what exactly this Jesus guy was all about. No one was there to yell, "LOOK BEHIND YOU!" They had to figure it out for themselves."

I am such a dork. When I was writing that last night, I stopped and read it after I was done and busted out laughing. But, I decided to go ahead and post it anyway. Comedic relief.

And, I was talking to a friend on MSN messenger last night and I was making myself laugh even more about other things. Sometimes, I just need to laugh so much that I find humor in the stupidest things. It's fun. Anyway, have a good day, and a happy dunce day! BTW, dunces were thought to help funnel information into the brains of people better; thus the reason they were worn by the "bad" kid. Ha.

Monday, November 05, 2007

A Weird Dream

I haven't written about any dreams I've had lately. I am not feeling very well today, and so I took a nap this afternoon after my classes were over. It seems I always have weird dreams when I am ill, and today was no exception. Here's the dream:

In the dream, I was not me. I don't even know if "my person" was in the dream. My older brother, the younger (My cool brother) was in the dream and so was "his wife." Although, Bro didn't look like himself, and Bro's wife didn't look like herself. Anyway, we were all having some crisis or something and Bro's wife took him to the desert (in the dream, we were native american or something) and showed him these poles with signs nailed to them. Bro said, "What's the point of this? I'm from Indiana (not true, except some relatives on my dad's side live in Indiana). She said, "Look at the signs! These are people from Grant, Indiana! These ARE your people. You are not alone! There is history here." And Bro was all like, "Wow. You are So right. I have relatives that were out here before me and I'm connected."

And then, their son was being babysat by me and Sis, but Sis was no where around and I was being very irresponsible because I had drawn a bath for him, or maybe Sis drew the bath, but no one was with him, because we were watching Bro and his wife at the poles, although they couldn't see us because we weren't really in bodily presence. Anyway, so we get to their son who is sitting in a very fully bathtub all by himself (He is 4). And he was just sitting there, acting very well. And my grandma was there too. She was kind of watching him, and she was able to remember and she was acting like the matriarch of the family. (BTW, she'll be 94 on Wednesday! Happy Birthday Gram!) and there was a patch of vegetables growing nearby, but they weren't attached to any plants. Instead, they were vegetables like what is in tater tot hot dish (what was served for lunch today; I didn't eat it. I don't like all those vegetables mixin' with my taters). And Bro and his wife came back and we set up camp in the desert there, and watched their son sitting in the very full bathtub. And then I woke up.

It was very bizarre and had a very native-american-y feel to it. Maybe it's because Oldest Brother's wife is a native american (she has lived on a reservation, even). She "left" for a while and I thought they were going to get divorced, but YS called yesterday to say that she is coming back. So, no divorce.

Anyway, so that was my dream, and a little bit of background info on why I may have had a little bit of the slant that was in there. Hasta, yo.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tomorrow is All Saint's Day.

I know I just posted an obnoxiously happy post, but now I'm going to do a little bit of reflecting.

Tomorrow is All Saint's Day; a day in which the Church celebrates the lives of the saints triumphant. I believe All Saint's Day is a good day. However, it invites reflection. This past year, a few people I loved dearly died. There was Dick in April, as well as "Dorothy," and there was Karen in May. Other people I knew died this year, but those three were the saddest for me. The other people have exceeding worth as well; I don't want to understate their worth. But sometimes in life, we bond with people more cohesively or quickly.

Like "Dorothy." I only knew her for about a month or two, tops. But there was just something special about her. I met her when she was a patient where I did CPE. She reminded me of Ma. They were so similar that I think I projected some things on to her. But she liked me, and I liked her, and when she died, the family was very gracious to me in letting me know when the services were and where. I still speak with her sister sometimes. "Dorothy" is just one example of how we are graced with wonderful people, even if only for a short time.

Karen died in May. She was a good friend of Ma's. Karen used to ask me to come help her get decorations out of her attic. It was tiresome work, but I enjoyed helping her. Doing physical things to help people makes me happy. Plus, the ladder into the attic was somewhat precarious, so I was glad to go up there instead of her. She also had me house and dog sit sometimes, and I enjoyed that. Being trusted, even as a young adult meant a lot to me. Karen also was so proud and supportive of me in my discernment to ministry. She even came to hear me preach one Sunday, despite the fact she was devoutly Catholic. I felt bad for not getting to see her like I said I would (car troubles occurred the weekend I was home and planned to visit), but I am confident she would be gracious to me about that.

And Dick died in April. Dick was such an awesome guy. He was the man Ma dated for a few years. I met him at church one Sunday because his daughters started attending my church after their mother died. I was the lay leader and one of his daughters came up to me and said, "You did a nice job reading, Trisha!" And Dick walked by like a schoolboy, almost because Ma was standing by me. It was cute. Finally, he asked her out, and they spent a few years together. Dick didn't just "put up" with me; he was a strong supporter of me, but he treated me like an adult. He helped me figure things out around the house, and he was always willing to help me. Dick was just a special, special man. I wasn't resentful toward him when he stopped coming around, because I believe it was too hurtful for him to see my mom's decline. He was fantastic to his wife when she was ill, and it would have been selfish of us to expect him to do the same for Ma. His death, despite the fact he had moved on, was so incredibly painful. Dick had been like a dad to me, and I really loved that man. But, I'm confident in God's mercy toward him, and toward the other two as well.

This post really doesn't need to be posted public, but I am so grateful for their lives, that I figured I would share a bit about them on this All Saint's Eve. And so I say, "For all the Saints who now rest from their labors-Thanks be to God!"

Happy Halloween!

Today is Halloween! AND I'M NOT AT WORK!!!!!

This is one of the only times in the past SEVERAL years where I have not had to work on Halloween. I'm thrilled. And what's better is that Seminary has invited the children on campus to come trick-or-treating, EVEN to the dorm rooms! We all received paper pumpkins in our mailboxes to put on our doors if we have goodies for the children. You had BETTER believe I posted mine up. I really like seeing the fun that the kids have dressing up. Heck, I like seeing the fun that the parents have. Some of them have even dressed up along with their kids. It's fun.

My first trick-or-treater was a 2 1/2 year old daughter of a classmate. She and Mama were both ladybugs. It was adorable.

I hear some more coming as I type this. I think I'm more excited than the kids!

Today is ALSO REFORMATION DAY! Yeehaw! It's an all around good day. So, Happy Reforming and Happy Eating Lots of Candy! Wee!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

History Test #1 is done!

Today, we had our Foundations of the Church midterm evaluation. This test has been a great source of stress and anxiety for most of the students, including me. When I was an undergraduate, I did not have to study hardly at all. I would glance over my notes the night before a test and most likely, get an A on the test.

That is NOT the case with seminary church history! I studied and studied, oh, and then I studied some more. I read and crammed so much information in my head this weekend that I am feeling a little zapped. We had the test today, and I didn't do really well, but I'm fairly confident that I will at least get credit. I really HOPE I passed. The test was only 25 questions, with two of those being essay questions. I think I answered them adequately enough to pass. We'll just have to see. Hopefully, they will be graded by Thursday.

Anyway, after the test today, I had some lunch, and a good laugh to do the whole "internal reset" thing. And then I realized I needed to go pick something up at a store. I asked a friend if she wanted to ride along, and she said she'd be willing to go with me.

When I walked to her room to let her know I was ready to go, she asked if we could go to a local Adult Beverage shop so she could take in her empty cans and bottles to recycle and get store credit. (Shout out to another good seminary pal for telling me about that program, so I could in turn tell this friend about it). So, we went down to my car and she put her bag of recyclables in there. However, the bag tipped over and all the bottles and cans came out. So, when we got to the store, we had to pick the things up and put them back in the bag. As we were doing that, a seminary professor pulled up. This Adult Beverage Store is NOT in a place where it could be confused where he was going. I was slightly embarrassed, but realized, "Hey, we're all adults here." He said, "Funny seeing you all here!" It was funny. I thought blogworthy, at least.

That is what happened today. It's been a good day for the most part. My main concern is the history test. On the way out of the building at Seminary where the chapel is, I saw the History professor (before class) and said, "Is there grace on Tuesdays?" And he shot back really quickly, "No!" Haha. I don't know if I should be laughing and crying... Yikes..

I'm off to do some more work now. Have a good day.

Friday, October 26, 2007


Today, October 26, 2007, is the 10 year anniversary of my baptism! My younger sister and I were baptized on Reformation Sunday, but it was done "privately." If I'd known then what I know now, I would have totally done it in front of the congregation. Ah well, can't change the past. Anyway, I'm going to call YS to remind her. Too bad we can't have candles here at the Mothership, or I'd be burning my baptismal candle to commemorate. Have a good day.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Just chillin'

Today has been a pretty good day.

I woke up pretty refreshed this morning. I got to bed AND TO SLEEP before midnight last night, and so I got about 8 1/2 hours of sleep. It was GLORIOUS! Yeehaw. This morning, my first class was pretty interesting. I don't know if it's because I'd already done the reading and because I was well-rested, or what. It was nice, though.

Chapel was cool, too. I really like Wednesdays because we do a global setting. I really REALLY like the Gospel acclamation hymn. It's happy and bouncy. Also, one of the new faculty members was "on" for this week. It was funny because on Monday, he read the lesson very animatedly, and it's like he was telling a story. Because the lessons for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were from the same story, I was captivated. I almost slept in on Tuesday, but I thought, "No! I need to find out what happens!" Then, today, Dr. F. finished that story. It was really neat the way he did it. He's a good preacher. He also seems very approachable, and so I've decided to be less intimidated by him.

The teachers here intimidate the crap out of me! I know they shouldn't, but I am very intimidated by about 99% of them. My psych profile says I have "a mild distrust of authority," and so I'm thinking maybe that's my issue. Who knows? I realize I shouldn't feel this way, and so I'm making an intentional effort to not be intimidated by these people.

The rest of the classes went pretty well today. In my Exegetical Class, the teacher and I had a kind of "bonding" moment. I have a bizarre sense of humor and if something is even remotely funny, or if the person is trying, I generally at least give a little smirk. Dr. L. was making these little jokes and I giggled a little at the first one, and then he made another one a minute or two later and I got a smile on my face. He looked my way and said, "I know I can always look at Trish because she gets it." Haha. Too bad I can't get the subject matter! Ooh, snap!

Tonight, we had "Seminarians Gone Wild" night out. Some pals and I went to Applebee's. Last time we went, we got this thing on our receipts where if we called and took the survey, each receipt could get 3 dollars off their next purchase. No one else wanted to do it, so I took their receipts and did them all. I gave them back to the people who gave them to me, but with the validation codes. Except the guy friend who went with me. He didn't want his back. It was fun.

And to burn off all the calories, the gals and I went for a walk this evening. It was wonderful. I haven't been on a walk in too long. I enjoy walking, and too soon, it's going to be perilous with snow and ice and I won't be ABLE to go. I'm glad I got to go tonight. It was fun.

And now, I need to quit blogging so I can go study more for my history test on Tuesday. I'm proud of myself; I'm doing a lot of the reading, and I'm writing answers out already. I want to do well! Pray for me!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Overall, a good weekend

This weekend was pretty busy. I went home to preach at a church that is in a neighboring town to my home church. I led worship/preached there this summer, and the pastor asked me back. That's the main reason I went home. But, my weekend started long before this morning.

I said a short grace at the meal at my cousin's wedding reception a few weekends ago in the suburbs of Chicago. I was honored to be asked by my aunt and uncle. They are fantastic people, and I was glad to be of service. My aunt and uncle had wanted to get a hotel room for me and pay for my car expenses for getting there, but I told them that wasn't necessary because I was planning on going to the wedding anyway, and I was leading worship on Sunday, so I couldn't stay overnight. So, this past week, they emailed me telling their plans to come to SeminaryTown for some R&R after having spent much of the last year planning/organizing for the wedding, and my aunt made the wedding dress and bridesmaid dress. (She's VERY talented). Anyway, they were going to stay in a quaint little town about 20 miles away, but they couldn't because everyplace was booked or way too expensive. So, anyway, I digress. They ended up staying in SeminaryTown. They emailed and asked if they could take me to dinner on Friday. I laughed a little because I had heard they were coming my way, and I was going to invite them to a concert the seminary was having on Friday, but they emailed me first. So, we made plans to go eat and then come see the concert.

When they got here Friday, we didn't know where to eat, so we talked with some friends who were around, but nothing was really sticking out. Aunt and Uncle are kinda fancy people, and the only places around here I've been haven't been very fancy. But, Aunt remembered a place in nearby Quaint town that is good. So, we went there. We made it back in time for the concert, which was PHENOMENAL! Oh MY GOSH, was it great! There are good singers, and there are great singers. These people were GREAT singers. I myself cannot carry a tune in a bucket with a mule helping me, but I appreciate those who can sing because Ma was a fantabulous singer. She has sung at numerous weddings, funerals, community celebrations and dedications, has won community wide karaoke contests, and has done a gazillion solos at church. When she sang, boy, people listened. The soprano of the group reminded me of Ma, and it was rather nice to hear.

After the concert, the relatives left, and some pals and I went to the winery. I had a good time. I like being sociable.

Saturday morning, I woke up super early so I could get ready and go home (About 3 hours from the seminary is where my "home" is). Sis and BiL's neighbors who are moving (next week) invited us to go with them to the Wildlife Prairie Park in Peoria. So, I went and we took the boys and it was a good time. I love parks and this was a nice outing.

Then Sunday, I led two worship services at neighboring church. Things went well, except I made a bunch of mistakes in the first service. But, to my credit, they were not all my fault. There were several errors in the worship bulletin and I rolled with the punches as best I could. I got good comments, and I hope that the people were able to hear a good word today.

YS (Younger Sister) came to the late service today, which was nice because she doesn't come to church very often. But, she came today and it was good to see a smiling, familiar face out there. I love YS dearly. She's a wonderful sister and a great friend. After worship, we went to visit Ma. She knew who we were today, before we could say anything. I was a little afraid at first because she just looked at us like we were random people. But, that could be because she was walking around without her glasses on. She said someone "stole" them right away from her. I went to the nurse's station and they had a bunch of glasses there. I saw a pair that looked like hers, so I took them to her, and they were hers. A nurse came and wrote Ma's last name on the inside of the earpiece so that there would be no question next time.

Ma was still pretty quiet, but she talked a wee bit more this time. She also looked less like Grandma looked. The doctor came and looked at her the other day, and he thinks she has arthritis in her back and hip. IT sucks because she's in a lot of pain all the time. Yikes. They are going to try some things to get her feeling better. I hope it works.

While we were sitting in Ma's room, a lady came in and sat on the bed next to me. Because the place Ma is happens to be a locked dementia unit, that gives you an idea that all the people there are fairly bad off. This lady launched into this story about how she was SO mad at her husband because he didn't wait to eat dinner til we were there. I talked with her a while and went along with her story. I figured her husband was probably dead and she was living in the past. I said a couple of things about how I hoped she could forgive him, and how we had eaten before we got there, so everything would be alright. And near the end of our conversation she said, "I feel better now. You helped me think through these things better. I can see how our lines could have gotten crossed. Jack probably thought he was doing it the way I wanted. Thank you, dear." Our conversation probably lasted about 15-20 minutes. Ma and YS just sat there looking at me like, "What are you talking about, Trish?" Because I didn't want to dismiss her as whatever, because if the woman were cognizant of what was going on, she'd probably feel bad for "interrupting" and then being angry at her probably dead husband for nothing. Then an aid came and took her back to her room. YS told me later in the car that she was totally impressed with my mad skills at calming the lady down and helping her be less angry at her probably dead husband. Because this lady was MAD. CPE skills in real life, folks. Learn 'em, love 'em, live 'em. :) Ha.

Anyway, so then YS and I went to my childhood home (which is not the same as "home") and we cleaned out the freezer and took the trash to the curb for pickup. We also did some home repair and YS took some of her things to her house. Then, I got a massage! (YS was going to school to become a massage therapist). It felt awesome, but I need to make sure to drink plenty of fluid so I don't have a "healing crisis" tomorrow. After the massage, YS took me on my first 4-wheeler ride around town. That was fun.

I stayed "home" a little longer than I'd planned today. I chased my nephew around and we played for a while. He was getting crabby cuz Sis wouldn't let him play in the bathroom, because he wanted a bath. Sis and BiL do league bowling on Sunday nights, and BiL's niece comes and watches the boys. But, she doesn't have enough hands to watch Sunscreen AND give Howard a bath. So, I gave him a bath and we played and had a lot of fun. The only thing is, it is REALLY hard to get him out of the tub because he loves it so much. And, he's been doing this screaming thing lately, where he'll get mad and just start screaming at whomever is making him angry. So, there was an instance yesterday and one today where after he started screaming, I got down at his level and let out a semi-loud yell. He did not like it either time, but I thought it was funny. I'm mean like that.

When it was time for me to go, I gave Sunscreen a hug and a kiss bye-bye, and then I gave Howard a hug and a kiss goodbye, but he started crying because he knew I was leaving. I felt really bad and I had to turn around and leave the house even though he was bawling his eyes out. Then I felt AWFUL because I had to go back in because I left my tennis shoes in there. He was still crying when I went back in, so I picked him up and held him, and he dive bombed my face with a big, wet baby kiss. I went and sat down with him for a minute on the couch and he got down and pulled me toward the floor to play with his toys with him. I did that for a little while, and then slipped out without him seeing. I had told him bye-bye a million times, but I still feel bad for going without saying goodbye the last time. But, it probably kept him from crying again. I love those boys (and my first born nephew, too!) so much I could puke. They are such special little people. I am anxious to see what they will be like when they get older. But, I am happy with them being wee ones right now.

Anyway, this has been a really long, rambling post, that probably means nothing to any of you, but whatever. I enjoyed my weekend for the most part. I am loved.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I've noticed a pattern in my blogging life. I tend to blog far more frequently when things are going well and I'm feeling happy and self-affirmed. But, when I'm less happy, I tend to blog less, which makes me feel almost kind of guilty.

I was talking with my advisor today because she likes to see her advisees at least once a month. We talked a bit about how seminary is going, and then we got onto the subject of my mom. She has an idea of what's going on because she was my advisor last semester when things really started going downhill with her. As we talked, she told me that she hopes I don't feel guilty for being here and not in Illinois with my family, and that I don't feel guilty for feeling sad about the situation. Pretty much, she said she hopes I'm not feeling guilty about any of this. She also said, "I hope you are able to talk with some of your friends about this stuff." I do sometimes, but then I feel like I'm being a huge bummer and dampening everyone's day. And, how do I feel about that...? Guilty. I don't want to be THAT friend that has to always be upset about something and have people all feeling sorry for me all the time.

With that said though, I do need to talk about the crap sometimes. This is an unbelievably hard time right now for me, as I'm confident it is for my siblings, my mom's siblings, and really, anyone who has ever loved my mom. This is probably the hardest thing I've ever had to go through, although I'm not 100% sure, because really, how do you qualify/quantify grief, because grief is cumulative?

I guess blogging is a good outlet for me. It's a way that I can think through some of my feelings, and in a small way, let people in on what's going on, since I'm not always good at letting people know what's up.

I was going to do some reflection on other types of patterns, but I'm tired and I think I might be getting sick, so I don't want to right now.

But, before I go, a really quick story about the end of the meeting with my advisor: We stood up and she wanted to give me a hug. But, I am NOT AT ALL a touchy-feely type person. Several seminary pals have seen my "You're-Invading-My-Personal-Bubble" posture before. But, I hate shutting people down, so she gave me a hug and then she said, "I made you blush!" And then I left and she was laughing. But, it's okay. If I hadn't been so weirded out, I would have been laughing too. Even though I'm still slightly weirded out, I can chuckle a bit. I'm a dork, and that's okay.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Lutheran Guilt

I haven't blogged in a week. My Lutheran guilt is coming out. I beg your forgiveness.

Not much has been going on. We had R&R days (That's Reading and Research; NOT rest and relaxation) on Monday and Tuesday. I tried to do some catching up. For the most part, I am caught up. Except in history. Because I'm a slacker.

I'm not going home this weekend, and I'm happy about this. I love my sisters and their significant others and the children, but I feel guilty when I don't go visit Ma, and I feel craptastic when I do. It's easier to stay here and focus on school and things. I guess I'm a little selfish that way.

Anyway, it's gotten cool outside, and it's definitely sweatshirt weather. Some of us went down to the another friend's apartment last night for "seminarian night out" and we had pizza delivered and we watched "EVAN ALMIGHTY." On the walk back, I was freezing. I'm a wuss.

I have decided that I care too much about some things. Sometimes that is good, and sometimes not so good. This week, it's not so good. I'm talking about the guy who died last year at Restaurant. It will be one year later this week. I didn't even know the guy. Why is it still bothering me?

Don't answer that. I have some insight about it already.

I need to go read some history now so that I will not be buried in the books all weekend long. I have Spiritual Practices small group later today, so I'll be going now. Have a delightful day.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

I know what you're doing this weekend!

Actually, that's a lie. But I do know what I am doing this weekend.

Tomorrow, a group of us is going to a church near here in order to meet with the pastor so he can pair us up with people from the congregation. The point of this is for us to practice listening skills. It's for a class. I'm fairly excited. I like listening to people a lot.

Saturday, I have to leave Seminary at the crack of DAWN to go to my cousin's wedding. The wedding is at 10:30 a.m. and it's about a three hour drive. But, I always give myself extra time, so I'll probably leave about 7:00 a.m. at the latest.
I'm praying at the wedding reception before the meal. I actually wrote out a prayer that is short and sweet; what was requested of me. I'm excited to have been asked. I'm also excited that my cousin is getting married. I met her soon to be husband a time or two, and he seems pretty cool, although slightly introverted. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with introverts. I have some good friends who are introverts.

Anyway, I'll not be heading back to the Castle after the wedding festivities. Instead, I'm going to go "home" because I'm leading worship/preaching on Sunday, both at my church and Pastor's "other" church. I say "home" because I no longer stay at my childhood home. No one is there, and I am a social creature who needs people around me. Plus, it is really weird to go there knowing that I am all alone. There's a whole new vibe to the place.

So, I don't really plan on staying "home" long after worship because I want to get back here. We have "reading days" on Monday and Tuesday, and I want to be able to take advantage of those. Reading Days are days set aside with no class for us to "get caught up on our reading." From what I hear, most people don't do that though. However, I'm behind, so I will be doing my best at getting caught up.

In preparation for the 9 hours or so of driving I'll be doing this weekend, I had the oil changed in my car today, and I bought windshield washer fluid. I think I also need some anti-freeze, but I'm not sure. The tank isn't as visible as the one I had on the Heep. I'll ask BiL to maybe look at it. He's a smart guy; he'll be able to tell me.

So, I'm sure you all wanted to know exactly what I was doing this weekend, and now you do. You can rest soundly tonight. If you all find yourselves traveling, be safe. There're lots of nuts out there.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A Reflection

I'm reading the book, "When God is Silent," by Barbara Brown Taylor for my Spiritual Practices class. This is a very interesting book. It's got a poetic quality to it. I'd like to share a reflection I've had while reading.

On page 53, Taylor paraphrases Richard Elliott Friedman and his book, "The Disappearance of God." Together they are talking about how God seems silent to us for a variety of reasons. Friedman, being a Hebrew scholar talks about "the divine recession in the Hebrew Bible...Divine features that were distinct at the beginning of the story grow blurry as God withdraws, stepping back from human beings so that they have room to step forward."

What this has me thinking about is family. In the early days, God was among God's people, talking to them, telling them about what they should do and about God's love for them. God made promises and gave commandments, and was pretty much loud and clear. It's kind of like when parents have young children. When I was young, I listened to my parents a lot. I was and still am a serious rule follower. I was always afraid of the repercussions, should I break the rules.

So, with this thought of God moving away, I'm thinking, "Is this the adolescence of history?" Seriously, though. Many teenagers rebel against their parents. Some rebellions are large, and some are not. But, many teens rebel. But, at the same time as this rebellion, many parents also take a step (however small) back in order to try to let their son or daughter test out some bit of independence. I would imagine that most parents appreciate when their child does well, but I also think that parents yearn for their child to take a step toward them. Unfortunately, a lot of adolescents turn from their parents to try to find their own way.

So, what is next? Are we ever going to become adults? Are we going to realize that Dad knew what he was talking about? Are we going to take that step toward our loving Parent, after finally realizing the reason we weren't allowed to stay out all night, or get a sports car on our 16th birthday, or just run amok? Are we going to turn back to God and truly ask God for advice on how to live our lives? Or when we do, is it going to be too late? Will God be so sick of our rebellion that we are disregarded? I don't think so. Actually, I'm pretty confident that God is never going to totally disregard us. There may be some silence now, but I don't think that God will leave us alone. God loves us. Through all the stages of our lives, God loves us. I believe it is that love that speaks volumes.

Barbara Brown Taylor, When God is Silent, Cowley Publications, Cambridge, MA, 1998.

Internal Reset

I feel better. I had some good laughs yesterday. Sometimes, a good laugh is what it takes to reset me back to optimism and happiness. Even when I'm sad, if I were pressed, I'd have to say that I still have joy underneath sadness. I have great friends here (and everywhere) who are wonderful at helping me realize that life is good. The great thing is, most of these people don't even know they're helping me. They're just themselves, and that is wonderful. I'm not dependent on others for my happiness, but I thrive in community, and being in community and conversation with others energizes me and helps me gain perspective. I also appreciate Jae's comment to me (thanks, G!). Despite everything, life is good. It really is. I'm not even lyin'.

On a happier, not even remotely related note, I did a bunch of changes this weekend. I blogged a little about how one of my pals cut my hair in my room on Thursday night. I like it a lot. It's so low maintenance, but I think it looks cute. Then, on Saturday night, Sis dyed it red for me. I've been dying my hair for almost 6 years. It's always pretty much the same color. It's burgundy, but the burgundy fades quickly to a more natural looking red. I'm excited. On Monday morning, I had all sorts of people giving me compliments on the hair! Totally not used to that! Ha. But, it's cool. I guess that's not a bunch of changes, but it is change.

Sometimes we just need a change. Change of scenery, a change in ourselves, a change in our perspective, or a change in another area of our lives. Skydiving is my exercise in giving up control, and dying my hair is kind of like an exercise in embracing change (Even on a small scale). So, I think I'm going to work more on accepting and even embracing change.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Poltergeist has nothing on me.

So, once again, "I'm BAAAA-ACK." I went home again this weekend. Sis's neighbors are moving in a couple of weeks, and they were having a sort of, "Moving out of the neighborhood" party. So, that was the purpose behind me going home this weekend. The neighbors have pretty much adopted my sisters and me into their family, and they are wonderful. At this point, I'm going to take any family I can get. They're older folks, retired, and full of vinegar. Awesome. They really are.

But, the party was on Saturday. So, on Friday, Sis, Howard, Sunscreen, and I went to visit Ma. I'm not 100% sure she knew who we were. She hardly said two words we didn't pry out of her. She's in pain, she is totally confused, she looks sad, and it SUCKS. She looks and sounds just like my Grandma A. who had Alzheimer's (even though Mom doesn't have the big A; she has hardening of the arteries). We were at the home for about an hour. Frankly, I don't know which has been worse: Watching Ma's "slow" deterioration into dementia and ill-health, or watching my dad's quick and unexpected death when I was 12. It's very frustrating, and I'm sad about it.

It's weird, though, because as miserable I am about the whole situation, I think I'm probably doing better than the sibs. But, I feel kinda bad because even though I try to be supportive and listen, I think I may have a tendency to shut them down or dismiss their feelings about the situation. I can listen to other people til they are blue in the face, but when it comes to my own family, I find myself NOT asking the questions that pop up in my mind that could potentially spur some conversation that might offer them a little bit of insight into themselves and the situation in which we find ourselves. I don't dismiss them when they do want to talk, but I do less for them than I do for others, and I shouldn't.

Anyway, at my home church, people are always asking me about Ma. Today, I went to Pastor's "other" church. I think this was for two reasons: 1. I was tired and couldn't get up to go to my church, and 2. I think I have been trying to reject my issue with Ma. It's awfully hard to reject the issue when people ask about it all the time. I appreciate their thoughtfulness, but I am just so bummed about my mom. Just so bummed that I don't want to talk face to face with people who know her, and I don't want to see their expressions. But, the people at Pastor's other church know her, too, and so there was no escaping it today.

I have a friend here at the Mothership who has taken multiple units of CPE. Her supervisor is actually Supa's supervisor. So, I know him. I was talking to this friend of mine and mentioned "the 'Larry' face" that her supervisor has (for the purposes of this post, I have named her ex-supervisor Larry). It's a very blank expression that is virtually impossible to read. She told me that Larry used to be a family/marriage counselor, and the face is his way of not letting his facial expressions emerge so that people don't get uncomfortable telling him all sorts of things. Anyway, we have had many deep conversations about our lives, and recently she said, "You know, Trish, you have a pretty good 'Larry' face yourself." It's not a bad thing, she said. It's very non-judgmental. So, my "Trish" face is what I use a lot of the time. I put on my face when I'm anything besides happy (much of the time, anyway). And so, when people are asking me about Ma, I put on the "Trish" face, and it probably makes the people think I am a cold hearted, ungrateful brat who doesn't care. But I have not always been the best at letting others know when I am hurting, and I don't like to burden people.

In conversation with this friend, she said to me something like this, "So, you like to shoulder everyone's pain by yourself, and not let them do it? That's gotta be a tough job." and, "You like to spare other people from knowing you're in pain because you don't want to hurt them." And she didn't say it to be mean or sarcastic. I think it was more of a, "I'm going to hold this up to you in friendship" type thing. I think a lot of people try to keep from burdening their friends. Perhaps it's just a matter of not taking it to the extreme. Who knows.

Anyway, this was just me processing some thoughts and feelings. I'm fairly certain I'll feel better by tomorrow. Have a nice day.

Friday, September 28, 2007


Tonight, I went with some pals to a contemporary worship service over at one of the universities in town. It was interesting. I'd never been to a contemporary worship service before. There were many good aspects to the worship. I'm grateful that I went, and I'm grateful that it is available for the many students. I do love me some liturgy though. But, it was a fun and good experience.

So, after the worship, we all came back to the castle. One of my pals who went with me to the service said she would cut my hair tonight. So, when we got back to the castle, she went to her room and I went to mine to have something to eat. While I was waiting, I busted up some ice, and when she came knockin' on my door I said, "So, the question is... Do you want your margarita before or after you cut my hair?" Hehe. So, I mixed us up a margarita and it was DELICIOUS! VIVA CUERVO!

So, I let one of my seminarian pals cut my hair. It's a little shorter than usual, but I don't care. It's just hair and if other people don't like it; well... it's not their hair. Ha.

We talked for a long time tonight. Good conversation. Some deep, some not so deep. But good conversation in which I was able to come to know someone more deeply with whom I am going to hopefully share the next several years.

Tonight was just a lot of fun. This community thing is great. Thanks be to God.

Monday, September 24, 2007

This is me gushing.

I can't believe how much fun I am having at seminary. What's great is that I'm actually doing much of the reading, and STILL having fun (although I have not been able to do ALL the reading). I have found myself laughing so much that I should have abs of steel. I have said it before and I'll say it again, "I am going to market an exercise video called Trish's abs of steel! The workout will be laughing!" Hah. It'd be great.

Anyway, I took a REALLY long nap today, and that's why I'm still up. Yikes. I think maybe I'm going to try doing some homework to put myself to sleep! See ya.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Salvation belongs to our God!

And to Christ the Lamb forever and ever!

I wanted to preface this post with that.

I posted a brief thought about worship this morning. I was not happy with the church I attended today. However, my FEELINGS have very little (if anything) to do with the fact that I am saved by grace through faith (which in itself is a gift). However, as a human being subject to emotions, I was disappointed by today's church service. I think the preacher only said "Jesus" once or twice.

But, the whole weekend was not a bust.

Some pals and I went to a state park about 30 miles from here. I've posted before on how nature makes me feel. As I reflect back on our time outdoors yesterday, I gain comfort in the fact that I got to feel close to God yesterday because I got to be in God's great creation (We are ALWAYS in creation, but for these purposes, I'm equating "Creation" with "nature").

The park was awesome and great. It helps me realize that, "The earth and all that is on it belong to the Lord." Ps: 24:1.

Thanks be to God for all of God's goodness, and for the salvation that is mine and ours through Christ!


Some of us went to a Baptist church this morning for worship. After the experience, I'd just like to say that Grace is very important to me.

Oh, and I will NEVER go there again.

That is all.

Monday, September 17, 2007


Here at the Castle, we have what is known as "J-Term." Each MDiv student has to do three J-Terms, fulfilling different requirements. Today we talked about J-Term things because we were given some information about it a few weeks ago. I originally thought I was going to do a class here at the Mothership and do it that way. However, I was at home this weekend, and I just decided to do something different.

I'm going to Israel! I've put my name in and put that as my number one choice. Hopefully we go! I'm SO EXCITED! It has been one of my life goals for a while to visit the Holy Land, and I can't think of a better way to go there than with people who know what they're talking about, and with friends from Seminary. Yeehaw!

The only thing is, a lot of my pals aren't going to Israel. They said they'd love to, but their parents would kill them. Since my parents aren't in a position to kill me for going, I thought, "What the hay!" I did email Pastor today. I said, "Pastor, we were talking about J-term today, and I was wondering if you had any thoughts. There are a few classes that look interesting, but the daredevil side of me is kinda interested in Israel. Some of my pals want to go, but they say their parents will kill them, so I wanted to get a voice of reason from you." He emailed back and told me to go ahead and go if Israel is calling! Yeehaw! I'm super excited, and I went to the Post Office today to pick up a passport application. I've only been out of the country once, and that was to Canada. The farthest west I've ever been is Cedar Rapids, the farthest east was Gas City, Indiana, and the farthest south was Makanda, Illinois (about an hour from the Paducah, Kentucky). I've also never flown in an airplane to go anyplace before. Wee! E-X-C-I-T-E-D!!!

Friday, September 14, 2007


So today, I went to see my doctor. This is the first time I've initiated a doctor's appointment in six years. I HATE going to the doctor. Not because I'm afraid or anything, but because I was a sickly child, and then when I was a teenager, my (then) doctor made me come in once a month so he could check my blood pressure, make sure my feet weren't swelling, and ask me how I felt. Yeah, it was ridiculous.

Anyway, so I went today and the doctor asked me all the regular questions. Then he had a look at me and at almost the very end of the appointment he kinda glanced around nervously, looked away a second, and then back at me to ask, "Uh... There's no chance you could be pregnant, right?"

HaHAHAHAHAHA! I got a look on my face and then smiled some and said, "No. There is no chance of that." Haha. I gotta hand it to the guy for being thorough and for not assuming anything. He knows I'm a seminarian, but he asked anyway. My doctor is a pretty cool guy. I really have nothing against him. I've only seen him about three times in the two or three years or so he's been my doc. But, I laughed, though not so he could see. I wouldn't want to hurt his feelings.

He sent me out of there with a CT scan order in hand, and with a whole laundry list of things my pain could stem from. I need to check where I can go for my scam health insurance to cover this. It's been years since I've had a CT or MRI or anything. Good thing I'm not claustrophobic.

Anyway, that was one part of my day. It was fairly long, but all in all, a good day. I'll talk about other stuff later. This post is long enough.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Theology on Tap

I just got back from Theology on Tap. This is where any interested parties can go to a local bar and sit in the back room while drinking beer (or whatever floats your boat). Two professors are also there, and pretty much, we all talk theology. It's pretty interesting. I think tonight has been the first one since the semester started. I wasn't planning on going, but I succumbed to peer pressure! ha. It was good though. The group that met was fairly large, and so most people didn't talk too much. However, at the beginning of our time together, we went around the room and introduced ourselves and spoke of one theological issue that is on our mind.

The other day, during the "getting to know you" stuff in one of our classes, one of the faculty members who is team-teaching one of the courses told us that we can "love God with our minds." I really like this thought. So, when my turn came to speak, I said, "Hi. My name is Trish." Then I said what the prof had said about loving God with our minds, and how my question is, "What do we do about people who are no longer able to love God with their minds? How do we convey the love of God and the grace of Christ to people who are no longer cognitively able to understand?" Yup. So, that was my question.

There was such a variety of theological issues raised that it would have been impossible to do multiple ones justice, so we talked about the authority of Scripture. All in all, it was a good night. I didn't drink though, because I had a long island with dinner tonight. I made mac 'n' cheese for me and four of my pals. It was so much fun. :) Yay for community!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Enough already!

Well, the frickin' side pain is back. But, the thought of dealing with it again for another month is too discouraging, so I have a doctor's appointment on Friday with my General Practitioner. I was planning to go home to visit Mom and to go to my good friend Jacki's reception anyway, so I'm not too terribly put out. Except for the fact that doctors are expensive. Ugh. Oh well.

Other than that, things are still going pretty well. One of my cousins is getting married next month, so I'm going to that. Her parents asked me to say grace at the meal, so I'm honored. Her wedding is on a Saturday, and then I am preaching on Sunday at my home congregation and Pastor's "other" church. I hope "other" isn't taken pejoratively. I just mean that it isn't "my" church, but it is point 2 of the two point parish Pastor serves. Anyway, I'm babbling...

I've made about a million friends on facebook and MySpace lately. It's exciting! And with that, I need to go back to the bookstore and get my LAST book for the semester. It's been SO expensive. Yikes. I can't complain though, my church helps me out A LOT! I love those people, and not just because they are helping to fund my seminary education. See yall later.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Another fabulous day in the life of Trish!

I am so blessed. It's almost hard to believe. Today was another great day. Two of my good pals and I went to church this morning. We went to a Methodist church, though. For Prolog week, we had been broken up into groups and assigned to different churches, where we would have conversation with a leader from that church. My group went to a Church of God storefront type church downtown. They are a part of the body of Christ, but they didn't appeal to me much at all. I'm glad that they are there to show Christ to those who are appreciative of that style, though.

Anyway, one group was assigned to this Methodist church. One of my good friends was in that group. The church is full of Tiffany stained glass windows. The group learned that this Sunday was going to be the last Sunday for a few months for worship to occur in the sanctuary, though, due to upcoming renovations. So, my two pals and I decided to go see the church on their last Sanctuary Sunday so we could see the windows. Let me tell you something: That Methodist church was one of THE most welcoming churches I have ever been to. I am totally serious. I think we Lutherans have something to learn from our Methodist brothers and sisters. I was also tickled because one of the profs from the castle goes to church there. S & S and I were seated early and then he came in and sat to our right and a couple rows ahead of us. Well, before worship, he looked around and saw us and he looked SO excited to have us there. It was cute. I felt honored to have that kind of impact on him. But anyway, worship was really good. The whole time was just really neat. It also was the first time I'd ever worshiped on a Sunday morning with the Methodists. It was cool. I wouldn't mind going back. I have heard many times that the hard part about seminary is finding a Sunday morning worshiping community that you like.

Anyway, after worship, we came back to the Mothership. We went to our rooms and had our respective lunches, and then we met up to go to a Rugby game! A fellow Junior and a "classless" student are on the team for this town. So, we went and watched. Our classless friend got hurt early on though. He had to go to the hospital. Major bummer. "Our" team won, though, so I'm sure he's happy about that.

After Rugby, we went and celebrated with ice cream at DQ! Y'all are gonna think I'm lying about not being into ice cream with as much ice cream as I've been eating lately. I mean, last weekend it was Cold Stone Creamery, and now today I had a blizzard at the DQ.

Then, we came back to the castle again, went to our rooms and had dinner. Then, we met down at the parking lot to go play some "beach volleyball!" Ha. I didn't really want to play though, because volleyball is one of the few sports that I am not good at. But, they convinced me to play and we played against this other team. My teammates were amazed that I'd really never had my feet in sand before (besides a sandbox, and even then, most of the ones I've been in have been filled with pebbles/gravel and not sand). I actually did well! It cracked me up because I guess I made an awesome play and scored us a point, and all my teammates started running at me, and yelling, "MOLITA!!! GOOD JOB!" And one of my teammates picked me up and carried me around a little. The people on the other team were also "impressed" with my mad skillz, considering I'd never been in sand before. It was funny. I turned red though, and another teammate said, "You just turned really red!" Ha. It was all good though. We lost all three games, but we had SO much fun. One of the other teammates said, "I always laugh because no matter WHO we play, WE always have more fun." Then we came back here and I've been chillin' in my room doing my pre-homework.

Today has been awesome. I've even referred to this place as "home" twice today. It's a good feeling.

P.S. Michael Buble is really cool.

Have a GREAT day!