Monday, November 05, 2007

A Weird Dream

I haven't written about any dreams I've had lately. I am not feeling very well today, and so I took a nap this afternoon after my classes were over. It seems I always have weird dreams when I am ill, and today was no exception. Here's the dream:

In the dream, I was not me. I don't even know if "my person" was in the dream. My older brother, the younger (My cool brother) was in the dream and so was "his wife." Although, Bro didn't look like himself, and Bro's wife didn't look like herself. Anyway, we were all having some crisis or something and Bro's wife took him to the desert (in the dream, we were native american or something) and showed him these poles with signs nailed to them. Bro said, "What's the point of this? I'm from Indiana (not true, except some relatives on my dad's side live in Indiana). She said, "Look at the signs! These are people from Grant, Indiana! These ARE your people. You are not alone! There is history here." And Bro was all like, "Wow. You are So right. I have relatives that were out here before me and I'm connected."

And then, their son was being babysat by me and Sis, but Sis was no where around and I was being very irresponsible because I had drawn a bath for him, or maybe Sis drew the bath, but no one was with him, because we were watching Bro and his wife at the poles, although they couldn't see us because we weren't really in bodily presence. Anyway, so we get to their son who is sitting in a very fully bathtub all by himself (He is 4). And he was just sitting there, acting very well. And my grandma was there too. She was kind of watching him, and she was able to remember and she was acting like the matriarch of the family. (BTW, she'll be 94 on Wednesday! Happy Birthday Gram!) and there was a patch of vegetables growing nearby, but they weren't attached to any plants. Instead, they were vegetables like what is in tater tot hot dish (what was served for lunch today; I didn't eat it. I don't like all those vegetables mixin' with my taters). And Bro and his wife came back and we set up camp in the desert there, and watched their son sitting in the very full bathtub. And then I woke up.

It was very bizarre and had a very native-american-y feel to it. Maybe it's because Oldest Brother's wife is a native american (she has lived on a reservation, even). She "left" for a while and I thought they were going to get divorced, but YS called yesterday to say that she is coming back. So, no divorce.

Anyway, so that was my dream, and a little bit of background info on why I may have had a little bit of the slant that was in there. Hasta, yo.

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