Friday, November 23, 2007


Well, Thanksgiving is over. I'm really thankful for a lot, but unfortunately, I've not been intentional thus far about thinking on and reflecting about what it is I am grateful for. Despite all the things that I wish were not a part of life in general, and my life in particular, I have a good life.

I have four siblings whom I love, even if I don't "like" all four of them sometimes. Two of my sibs have beautiful, talented, smart, and loving children who I feel blessed to have them call me Aunt. I am grateful for the twenty or so years I had with my mother before she began the slide into dementia, and really, I was about 23 or so by the time it really started affecting her badly. I'm also grateful for having known, at some point in my life, the wonderful reality of having two loving parents who did a lot to protect and care for me.

People in my life have also been a huge source of blessing. The many friends and acquaintances I have made are just phenomenal. I have friends I have known for twenty years, and friends I have known for three months, and everything in between. Their companionship on this road through life has meant so much to me that I am awestruck by the fact that people are willing to be open enough to be my friend, and who allow me to be who I am with them. Friendship can be a give and take, and it's just amazing how much my friends give me. Thanks y'all. I wub ya!

I also feel blessed to have had the educational opportunities I have had. I am a college graduate, and am now being educated at the graduate level to hopefully do something I am discerning I am called to do. Not everyone has the time or resources to do these things, and I am grateful for the gift of frugality, and for the help I've been given to help me get to the place I am.

Adventures are a fairly regular piece of my life. I have had the exhilarating, awesome, breath-taking experience of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, not once, but TWICE, AND have lived to tell about it. I am easily amused and can have fun doing a wide range of activities.

And, last for this post, but certainly not least, I am incredibly grateful for the local church of which I am a member, and for the Church as a whole. While I may not like all the views of some church bodies, and even some people of "my" church, I still appreciate the fact that they are beloved children of God, and thus, we are all united into the family of faith. I am grateful that my home church has been such a nurturing and supportive environment, and I'm grateful that the ELCA has practices and policies in place that allow me to use my gifts to serve Jesus by serving people, publicly and privately. I am blessed.

There is much else for which I am grateful, but this post is getting long. I feel like I'm giving an Oscar speech or something. Ha. I hope that you all have had opportunity to reflect on those things for which you are thankful, and that you find that these things are gifts we are blessed to have from God. Have a great day.

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