Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Internal Reset

I feel better. I had some good laughs yesterday. Sometimes, a good laugh is what it takes to reset me back to optimism and happiness. Even when I'm sad, if I were pressed, I'd have to say that I still have joy underneath sadness. I have great friends here (and everywhere) who are wonderful at helping me realize that life is good. The great thing is, most of these people don't even know they're helping me. They're just themselves, and that is wonderful. I'm not dependent on others for my happiness, but I thrive in community, and being in community and conversation with others energizes me and helps me gain perspective. I also appreciate Jae's comment to me (thanks, G!). Despite everything, life is good. It really is. I'm not even lyin'.

On a happier, not even remotely related note, I did a bunch of changes this weekend. I blogged a little about how one of my pals cut my hair in my room on Thursday night. I like it a lot. It's so low maintenance, but I think it looks cute. Then, on Saturday night, Sis dyed it red for me. I've been dying my hair for almost 6 years. It's always pretty much the same color. It's burgundy, but the burgundy fades quickly to a more natural looking red. I'm excited. On Monday morning, I had all sorts of people giving me compliments on the hair! Totally not used to that! Ha. But, it's cool. I guess that's not a bunch of changes, but it is change.

Sometimes we just need a change. Change of scenery, a change in ourselves, a change in our perspective, or a change in another area of our lives. Skydiving is my exercise in giving up control, and dying my hair is kind of like an exercise in embracing change (Even on a small scale). So, I think I'm going to work more on accepting and even embracing change.

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