Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Enough already!

Well, the frickin' side pain is back. But, the thought of dealing with it again for another month is too discouraging, so I have a doctor's appointment on Friday with my General Practitioner. I was planning to go home to visit Mom and to go to my good friend Jacki's reception anyway, so I'm not too terribly put out. Except for the fact that doctors are expensive. Ugh. Oh well.

Other than that, things are still going pretty well. One of my cousins is getting married next month, so I'm going to that. Her parents asked me to say grace at the meal, so I'm honored. Her wedding is on a Saturday, and then I am preaching on Sunday at my home congregation and Pastor's "other" church. I hope "other" isn't taken pejoratively. I just mean that it isn't "my" church, but it is point 2 of the two point parish Pastor serves. Anyway, I'm babbling...

I've made about a million friends on facebook and MySpace lately. It's exciting! And with that, I need to go back to the bookstore and get my LAST book for the semester. It's been SO expensive. Yikes. I can't complain though, my church helps me out A LOT! I love those people, and not just because they are helping to fund my seminary education. See yall later.


Jacki said...

side pains are not good at all!! you'd best get fixed before Saturday :D can't wait to see you again!

T said...

Hope the side pain goes away and you figure out what is going on. Have a good day!