Thursday, October 04, 2007

I know what you're doing this weekend!

Actually, that's a lie. But I do know what I am doing this weekend.

Tomorrow, a group of us is going to a church near here in order to meet with the pastor so he can pair us up with people from the congregation. The point of this is for us to practice listening skills. It's for a class. I'm fairly excited. I like listening to people a lot.

Saturday, I have to leave Seminary at the crack of DAWN to go to my cousin's wedding. The wedding is at 10:30 a.m. and it's about a three hour drive. But, I always give myself extra time, so I'll probably leave about 7:00 a.m. at the latest.
I'm praying at the wedding reception before the meal. I actually wrote out a prayer that is short and sweet; what was requested of me. I'm excited to have been asked. I'm also excited that my cousin is getting married. I met her soon to be husband a time or two, and he seems pretty cool, although slightly introverted. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with introverts. I have some good friends who are introverts.

Anyway, I'll not be heading back to the Castle after the wedding festivities. Instead, I'm going to go "home" because I'm leading worship/preaching on Sunday, both at my church and Pastor's "other" church. I say "home" because I no longer stay at my childhood home. No one is there, and I am a social creature who needs people around me. Plus, it is really weird to go there knowing that I am all alone. There's a whole new vibe to the place.

So, I don't really plan on staying "home" long after worship because I want to get back here. We have "reading days" on Monday and Tuesday, and I want to be able to take advantage of those. Reading Days are days set aside with no class for us to "get caught up on our reading." From what I hear, most people don't do that though. However, I'm behind, so I will be doing my best at getting caught up.

In preparation for the 9 hours or so of driving I'll be doing this weekend, I had the oil changed in my car today, and I bought windshield washer fluid. I think I also need some anti-freeze, but I'm not sure. The tank isn't as visible as the one I had on the Heep. I'll ask BiL to maybe look at it. He's a smart guy; he'll be able to tell me.

So, I'm sure you all wanted to know exactly what I was doing this weekend, and now you do. You can rest soundly tonight. If you all find yourselves traveling, be safe. There're lots of nuts out there.

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