Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving Break

Well... Today was the last day of classes for the week because we are now on Thanksgiving break. I did a bunch of work before today, which is nice, because my week can be a little more relaxed now. I did actually bring some work "home" with me, and I intend to do it, but I'm cool with whatever happens.

I am a horrid, horrid person. I have been so darn tired lately that I have been skipping chapel a bit lately. And, I skipped a class today, too. Maybe after relaxing this week, I'll be back on my "A" game.

I met with a senior the other evening to plan for our day of chapel leading. Our day is going to be Thursday, December 6th. I think I'm pretty much ready. I found some information on the commemoration of Nicholas, Bishop of Myra that I can read on that day, and I have the Prayer of the Day figured out, and I have already written the Prayers of the People. So, it's pretty much a, "show up for the other planning meeting, practice a time or two, and then show up on our day" thing. I'm fairly excited. Not nervous right now, so hopefully that stays true.

I'm leading worship this Sunday. I wasn't real happy with the sermon I sent off to Pastor for approval, and so I wasn't surprised when he gave me some suggestions. So, I'll be reworking it later. It's cool though, I can take constructive criticism. Yup.

Anyway, I got "home" tonight and Sunscreen was eating some baby food. He gave me big smiles when I came in. That kid is SO flippin' adorable. And then Howard came around the corner and was running in circles because that is what he does when he's excited. He gave me a big hug and a pat on the back and he said, "Awww." That's what he does when he hugs: hug, pat, Aww. These kids are so awesome, and I'm so thankful for them.

And, that's pretty much all I wanted to say right now. I'm just chilling here at Sis and BiL's house. Sis is making dinner for BiL's family this year, and I'm included in on it. My family won't be coming. So, it's kinda sad that YS and YSB won't be here, and that Older Brother the Younger and his wife and son aren't coming either, but such is life and the changes it brings. I have tentative plans to visit Ma and Grandma in their respective nursing homes, and hopefully I can get someone to come with me. We'll just have to see. I hope you all have a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Remember, don't drive when you're about ready to go into a Turkey Coma. It's not safe. :) Later.

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