Thursday, December 13, 2007

Watch out below!

Ok, first thing is first... I'm done with this semester. I'm fairly confident that I passed everything. The only thing I'm even slightly worried about is Exegetical Readings in the Greek New Testament, but I think I passed. I hope, anyway.

We had our history test today. Everyone was worried about that one. We studied SO hard, and came together to share knowledge. It was wonderful. Many of us walked away feeling much more confident about this test than the last. WooHoo.

Tonight, a friend invited me down to his place at some of the campus apartments. We watched my skydiving video, the movie, "Saved," and then we went to the park in town to look at the Christmas lights and support a good cause. It was an all around good night, except for the stuff leading up to hanging out...

I had to go run an errand, and as I was going out to my car, I saw a Seminary Volunteer having some difficulties getting out of her parking space, due to all the snow and ice. I shoveled some tracks for her and then another seminary friend came and we pushed her out. That was cool; I was glad to help. That's not the bad thing leading up to the hanging out.

Then, I was scraping the half inch of ice off my car so I could drive it, and I scraped up one of my fingers. Not too bad, though. And, the same seminary friend who helped me push the volunteer's car out helped me chip off the ice. So, that's not the bad thing, either.

When I got back from running my errand, I piddled around my room for a bit and was heading out to go to the apartments. I planned on walking because it's only a short walk. Another classmate was trying to get out, but the car was having difficulties. But, he managed to get out and make it out of the parking lot. I was proud because he is one of our international students who is not used to snow.

So, when I got down to the apartments, my friend said that he couldn't get his car to move at all. I helped him shovel a bunch of snow from around his car. He laid some salt and kitty litter and then another friend came and helped us push his car out. The friend I was going to hang out with, "J," parked it someplace where he wouldn't get stuck. We were heading toward the apartments, J holding the three buckets of stuff, and me carrying the shovel when all of a sudden I slipped and fell down really hard. J came over quickly and was like, "OH my! Are you ok?" I was just sitting there and I realized I needed to answer, but it knocked the wind straight outta me. I managed to whisper, "I'll be alright. I just need to stay here a second." So, I laid down. J came and took the shovel away because I was lying on it. I just kept repeating, "I'm okay, just give me a minute." Then we were laughing and I made a joke about how my breathing made me sound like I was giving birth. After a couple of minutes, I got up and we hung out. That was fun, although I had a monstrous headache and ended up cutting the night somewhat short. But, alas, what are you going to do? Anyway, my head is still hurting, so I'm going to go now. Stay safe in this winter weather!

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Jacki said...

trish you need to be careful!!! we can't have you getting hurt now, you've made it too far :P glad all your finals went well! when do you go home for christmas time?