Sunday, September 09, 2007

Another fabulous day in the life of Trish!

I am so blessed. It's almost hard to believe. Today was another great day. Two of my good pals and I went to church this morning. We went to a Methodist church, though. For Prolog week, we had been broken up into groups and assigned to different churches, where we would have conversation with a leader from that church. My group went to a Church of God storefront type church downtown. They are a part of the body of Christ, but they didn't appeal to me much at all. I'm glad that they are there to show Christ to those who are appreciative of that style, though.

Anyway, one group was assigned to this Methodist church. One of my good friends was in that group. The church is full of Tiffany stained glass windows. The group learned that this Sunday was going to be the last Sunday for a few months for worship to occur in the sanctuary, though, due to upcoming renovations. So, my two pals and I decided to go see the church on their last Sanctuary Sunday so we could see the windows. Let me tell you something: That Methodist church was one of THE most welcoming churches I have ever been to. I am totally serious. I think we Lutherans have something to learn from our Methodist brothers and sisters. I was also tickled because one of the profs from the castle goes to church there. S & S and I were seated early and then he came in and sat to our right and a couple rows ahead of us. Well, before worship, he looked around and saw us and he looked SO excited to have us there. It was cute. I felt honored to have that kind of impact on him. But anyway, worship was really good. The whole time was just really neat. It also was the first time I'd ever worshiped on a Sunday morning with the Methodists. It was cool. I wouldn't mind going back. I have heard many times that the hard part about seminary is finding a Sunday morning worshiping community that you like.

Anyway, after worship, we came back to the Mothership. We went to our rooms and had our respective lunches, and then we met up to go to a Rugby game! A fellow Junior and a "classless" student are on the team for this town. So, we went and watched. Our classless friend got hurt early on though. He had to go to the hospital. Major bummer. "Our" team won, though, so I'm sure he's happy about that.

After Rugby, we went and celebrated with ice cream at DQ! Y'all are gonna think I'm lying about not being into ice cream with as much ice cream as I've been eating lately. I mean, last weekend it was Cold Stone Creamery, and now today I had a blizzard at the DQ.

Then, we came back to the castle again, went to our rooms and had dinner. Then, we met down at the parking lot to go play some "beach volleyball!" Ha. I didn't really want to play though, because volleyball is one of the few sports that I am not good at. But, they convinced me to play and we played against this other team. My teammates were amazed that I'd really never had my feet in sand before (besides a sandbox, and even then, most of the ones I've been in have been filled with pebbles/gravel and not sand). I actually did well! It cracked me up because I guess I made an awesome play and scored us a point, and all my teammates started running at me, and yelling, "MOLITA!!! GOOD JOB!" And one of my teammates picked me up and carried me around a little. The people on the other team were also "impressed" with my mad skillz, considering I'd never been in sand before. It was funny. I turned red though, and another teammate said, "You just turned really red!" Ha. It was all good though. We lost all three games, but we had SO much fun. One of the other teammates said, "I always laugh because no matter WHO we play, WE always have more fun." Then we came back here and I've been chillin' in my room doing my pre-homework.

Today has been awesome. I've even referred to this place as "home" twice today. It's a good feeling.

P.S. Michael Buble is really cool.

Have a GREAT day!

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Jae said...

It's wonderful you're having such a good time there. :)

Sorry to be so MIA lately. I suck!