Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Today is Halloween! AND I'M NOT AT WORK!!!!!

This is one of the only times in the past SEVERAL years where I have not had to work on Halloween. I'm thrilled. And what's better is that Seminary has invited the children on campus to come trick-or-treating, EVEN to the dorm rooms! We all received paper pumpkins in our mailboxes to put on our doors if we have goodies for the children. You had BETTER believe I posted mine up. I really like seeing the fun that the kids have dressing up. Heck, I like seeing the fun that the parents have. Some of them have even dressed up along with their kids. It's fun.

My first trick-or-treater was a 2 1/2 year old daughter of a classmate. She and Mama were both ladybugs. It was adorable.

I hear some more coming as I type this. I think I'm more excited than the kids!

Today is ALSO REFORMATION DAY! Yeehaw! It's an all around good day. So, Happy Reforming and Happy Eating Lots of Candy! Wee!

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