Sunday, July 30, 2006


WOO, is it HOT out!

"No, we are NOT at a Sting Concert!"

Haha. I'm such a dork, but it's great fun. Today, I led worship because Pastor, some chaperones, and many youth went to camp. Overall, it was a good experience, but we were having some technical difficulties. Allow me to start at the beginning...

I got to worship, copied the minutes from this past month's Council meeting, (I'm the secretary) put them into peoples' boxes, talked with the people who were milling about before worship, and having a pretty good time. Well, it got closer to 9:00 a.m. so I went back to the sacristy to vest in the alb in which I always vest when I lead worship. So, I put the wireless mic on, and the prelude music started playing, so I let enough time pass for the acolyte to get the candles lit before I walked out. I went and sat in the leader's chair until the music ended. I stood up to give the announcements. I talked in the announcements about how we will be including several people in the prayers of the People for healing and wholeness as they deal with illness and recuperation. I also said we would be including a prayer for safe travel for Pastor, the chaps, and the youth as they go to camp for a time of refreshment and fellowship. Then I said, "I myself had a bit of a road trip yesterday as I went to the synod office for my Candidacy Interview. The Candidacy Interview is the last step as an Applicant to Candidacy. I was interviewed by a few people who will make a recommendation to the full Candidacy Subcommittee, and later apprise me of their official decision. Unofficially, though, you're looking at the newest Candidate for rostered leadership in the My Synod of the ELCA." Before I could even get that whole sentence out, the entire congregation just erupted into spontaneous applause. I almost started crying, and that's really something because I'm not much of a crier. Then I said, "I appreciate the support, encouragement, and prayers you've given me as we have been about discerning here, and I ask that you would continue to discern with me as we venture along this new path." Then at the end of my announcements, I could see the ushers gesturing from the back that they couldn't hear me. But, I had the power bar, the battery pack, and the switch on, so it should have worked. So, after I announced the first hymn, I went back into the sacristy where the sound equipment is housed because a few of the ushers were in there trying to figure it out. So, I think they turned it up or something, and I thought we were set. When the hymn ended, I went out to begin the opening dialogue, and I saw the ushers gesture that they still couldn't hear me. At that point, I really started to project my voice the best I could without shouting. So, we said the dialogue and the creed, and then we sang another hymn. During the hymn, I again went back to the sacristy (which, btw, is just off the side from the altar) because the same two ushers were in there. So, we changed the battery and thought we had it working. When the hymn ended, I came running out of the sacristy and said, "Sorry, we're having technical difficulties! Then, I flipped the switch that actually makes the leader's voice go through the mic and I got a whole bunch of feedback. Like a complete dork, I said, "No, we are NOT at a Sting concert." As if Sting would have feedback at one of his concerts. Does that guy still even make music? haha. At that point, it was Prayer of the Day time, so I just projected as loud as I could. Then, it was time for the first lesson, so I again went back into the sacristy with the ushers to try to figure it out. We realized that we couldn't get it working with me running back and forth, and with the parishioners ears falling victim to the feedback. So, I decided to not use the wireless today. I was trying to take it off and out of my pocket and off my collar (the alb has a collar to which we attach the mic, I would not even PRESUME to wear a clerical collar) when I heard the first lesson end. Well, today, of all days, we were actually reading the Psalm, so I ran out there and put the battery box on the pulpit because it was out of my pocket, but I still had the cord running underneath the alb and the mic was still attached to my alb. I said from the pulpit mic, "This morning, we will be reading Psalm... 145, no, 138, found on page 283 of the LBW. Let us read these verses responsively." The bulletin back says 145, but the inside said 138, so that's why I got mixed up. So, we did that and after the Psalm was read, I just sat down in the leader's chair, finished taking off the wireless, and breathed a calming sigh. After the second lesson was completed, I was glad that the lector forgot to bring me the big Bible from which we read the Gospel lesson because I just opened it at the lecturn and read the Gospel from there, instead of walking into the aisle to read where we usually read it.

After the Gospel reading, we sang another hymn, and I thought about how I would do the rest of the service, and I came to some conclusions. I would just use the pulpit mic for my sermon, although it doesn't work as well as the wireless works (when it functions properly), and I would project at the other places I needed to project. Fortunately, most of the "me talking to them" part was over. So, I preached from the pulpit mic, and I know that a lot of the older folks couldn't hear me very well, so I felt bad. I talked as loud as I could and realized what I was doing when I started to go hoarse. I didn't even realize really that I had increased my volume, but I'm glad I did. So, the sermon was over and we sang another hymn. Then, the offering was collected and the offertory was sung. It doesn't bother me ONE bit to not be able to be heard during the singing part, so we were all good. The Prayers of the People are read by the lector at the lecturn, except for the final petition which is pretty much always the same. Then, we all said the Lord's Prayer together, so it didn't matter that I wasn't being loud. Then, it was time for the Benediction. I walked down a little bit and projected as loud as I could. Then, we sang the closing hymn, and it was over.

Other than these mishaps, worship went well. As I was preaching, I looked out and saw who I thought was a great friend. I thought, "Is that Friend out there?" And then, someone swayed in their seat a little (Not THAT kind of sway; we're not that kind of church) and I saw Friend's husband, so I thought, "yay! That's really cool." When I went to the back of the sanctuary as the congregation was singing the last verse of the closing hymn, I looked up at the clock in the fellowship hall and it was 9:53. I was thrilled. That's the longest any of my services has ever lasted. Then, as I was shaking hands w/ people on the way out, one funny man said, "I always say that if you can't get it said in 15 minutes, you can't get it said in 25." So I said, "How long was mine?" And he said, "13 minutes. I timed you." So, I thought, "Yeah, baby!" Because usually my sermons seem REALLY short. But, I got a lot of "congratulations" and people wishing the best for me, and saying how proud they are of me. It was a good experience, even though a few people mentioned they couldn't really hear that well because of the lack of wireless mic. We'll have to mention it to Pastor. It's weird, but that thing almost always acts up when I'm leading. I only remember one time when Pastor had difficulties with it. Ah well. But THEN, I went to Pastor's other church, and when I walked in, the head usher said, "The sound system is acting up today."


So, he fiddled with it some, and I was standing at the back of the sanctuary when Usher said, "blow into it so we can see if it's working." So, I blew on it, and nothing. He did something else and I tapped it a little and it was working. So, I tapped it a little more, and it was still working. So I said, (quite excitedly) "Yeah! I think it's working." That met with some laughter from the congregants. It wasn't perfect, but it was at least functional throughout the whole service. Although, usually I flip the one switch on for when I talk, and off for when it is time for singing. I was afraid that would mess it up though, so I just sang REALLY quietly today. :)

My announcement met with the same applause there, and I felt very affirmed and loved. The people liked my sermon (or so they said) and worship again lasted for 53 minutes. I'm thrilled. The first time I actually make it to that hour point, I will be absolutely giddy. And now, this has been a very long post, so please forgive me, and thank you for reading. Bye.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

The wedding

My friend's wedding went very well. I didn't Porky Pig the reading, although I did make myself look dorky at one point. Because I was passing out bulletins with my friend "Jacki," we asked my other friend "Paige's" fiance "Chris" to save us some seats. "Paige" was a bridesmaid, so she wouldn't be sitting with him. Well, he sat toward the wall and not toward the aisle, and so when "Jacki" and I went in to be seated as the service was about to begin, I had to sit on the end of the pew toward the wall. A gentleman who goes to church with me was filming the ceremony because he's related to the bride. He stood right by us, but in a recess in the wall so as to not get in anyone's line of sight. Well, when it was time to get up to read, I whacked my knee on the pew in front of me and said, "Ow." I realized a moment later that my little "ow" probably is going to end up on the tape. I hope the newly married couple finds that funny and not stupid, because I couldn't help myself from saying it. I really whacked the ol' knee pretty good. But anyway, several people from my church were at the wedding because we live in a small community and the bride is related to several people from my church. So, I told the ex-president of the council who was the prez when I started that the Candidacy Committee gave me the unofficial thumbs up. His term was up last year, though, so this year we have a new president. But, I told him that, and I was going to try to keep it a secret until I could announce it tomorrow before worship. But, as I was passing out bulletins, another church member came in and asked how it went today, and I told her really well, and that they gave me the green light. So, she hugged me and her husband said congrats, and then I turned and saw practically a LINE of my church folks, so by the end of the night, I'd guess about 1/4 of the congregation has already heard that I got the go ahead from the C.C. Haha. Oh well. I'll still be able to tell the congregation tomorrow because SOME of them were not at the wedding or reception. The pastor at the church today even heard about my good news and said congratulations. So, it was interesting. Anyway, the wedding was really nice, although it really started storming hard when we were on our way to the reception. Thunder, lightning, driving rain... it was slightly frightening. But, the reception also turned out to be quite fun. I danced, I served cake, I raised my glass in a toast, (I didn't say the toast, I just drank to toast the couple) I heard a bunch of congrats from my church family, and then I came home. So, it's been good. Today is a good day, but with all the excitement I'm really tired and I have a slight headache, so I'll be going now so I can practice my sermon for tomorrow. Have a fabulous day.

I was going to tell a joke...

But it wouldn't work well written down. My bad. Anyway, I'm back from my Candidacy Interview. There were four people and me in the room. I was slightly nervous because I didn't really know the people interviewing me. All went fairly well though. I knew the Assistant to the Bishop for Candidacy Affairs and I think she is delightful, so I was glad she was there. I also had talked to the chair of the panel before, and he seems nice. Then, two completely new people were there and I really liked them, too. There was a laywoman who just made me feel incredibly at ease, and then there was a director of some sort who had a very warm look about him; kind of like that guy who said, "There are no strangers; just friends I haven't met." So, the interview lasted about 45 minutes or so, at which point they asked me to step out so they could discuss me. I made friends with an Intentional Interim Minister while I waited. They then had me come back in to apprise me of their decision. I was slightly worried, but only because the chair wasn't looking at me... But, they said I'm IN! They have to have it approved by the entire subcommittee, but the Assistant to the Bishop told me that the Chair would personally body slam anyone who took issue with my approval. :) :) :) I'm so excited. Pastor gave me his cell phone number so I could call him with their decision, so on my ride home, I calmed down some and gave him a ring. They're on their way to camp right now and had just passed Iowa City when I phoned. He was happy to hear the good news. So, I'm kind of floating around on cloud 9 right now, with this huge grin on my face that is starting to hurt, but I can't HELP IT!! I'm so thrilled. Anyway, I have to go now; my friend who is getting married today asked me to get to the church around noon so we can have our photo taken together. So, blessings on your day, and stay cool!

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Last Sunday, Pastor mentioned skydiving in his sermon. I feel bad to admit this, but when he said that, my mind started to wander off as I thought, "That sounds like fun!" I have a friend who I do a lot of stuff with and I wondered if he would be interested in doing this. This is the same friend that accompanied me on the helicopter ride last month. So, I've been checking out skydiving websites for places around here and I think we're going to go! You have to do tandem jumps the first two times, so that sounds great. And, my friend and I will be able to go at the same time, harnessed to experienced instructors! I've always thought skydiving sounded like a lot of fun, so hopefully this becomes a reality. It's kind of expensive, but I figured, why not? It's funny though, because in the sermon, Pastor said, "I don't know why anyone would want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane..." And that's about the time my mind took its little detour.. So, I gotta call the skydiving place hopefully tomorrow in between my other stuff, and hopefully get a few questions answered. Woohoo! This sounds like FUN! I'll let you know.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Another Opportunity

Well, I get to preach again Sunday. I'm pretty excited. Pastor gave the message I wrote a thumbs up. Actually, I get to lead worship Sunday, not just preach. Pastor and some chaperones and the youth are going to camp in another state. They'll be gone for something like a week. My little sister got to go to camp when we were younger, but I couldn't go due to some medical issues. I was seriously bummed about that, because I've never been to camp and it always seemed like such a fun experience. Maybe, hopefully, when I'm older, I will get to go with some youth. But anyway, I'm pretty excited about leading worship. I preached on the 16th, I'm leading on the 30th, and I get to lead worship again on August 20th. It's exciting for me to get to do so many all in such a short amount of time. Woohoo!

Anyway, I blogged earlier about this being a really busy week. After today, things are really going to start going kinda warp speed. Tomorrow, I have to get up and go to town to get a friend a wedding present, because the shower gift I got her was kind of crappy. But, in my defense, it was the only thing the store had in stock that was on her list. So, I'm going to the other place at which she and her soon to be hubby are registered. But, then I am meeting another dear friend for lunch at the Olive Garden. I haven't seen this friend in probably about two years almost. The last time I saw her was at her own wedding. She and her hub moved to Indiana, so that makes it difficult to see them. But, she comes back to the area for work once a month or so. So, I'm thrilled. So, then I have to be the waitress at Restaurant tomorrow even though I'm usually the hostess on Thursdays. The regular waitress is going to Wisconsin, so she offered me her day. I don't mind because I'm taking Friday off to help decorate the American Legion with my bride to be friend. Then, we have the rehearsal, and rehearsal dinner afterward. Then, it's straight home so I can go to bed to wake up at 5:00 a.m. to head to the synod office to be there by 8:00 for my Candidacy Interview. I'm so excited, thrilled, and a little bit nervous.. But, mostly excited. I've been an applicant to Candidacy for almost a full year now, and it's exciting that I could potentially be a Candidate before the week is out... But after my interview, I have to come home, get ready for the wedding, head there where I am helping to manage the guestbook, pass out bulletins, read the lesson, head to the reception where I am helping to cut the cake, and have a good time before leaving to get to bed at a decent hour so I can get up Sunday to lead worship and preach at my congregation and preach at Pastor's other church. Then, I have to go to work, although a little bit later than usual. So, I'm sure you all are sick of hearing the play-by-play of what my week is going to be like, but I'm VERY excited. So, I'll let you all know what the Candidacy Committee tells me if they give me an answer right away. I don't know if they will or not though. Anyone who has been there care to clue me in? :) Hasta.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

What's Up?

Hey! I just got back from my 5 year high school class reunion, and wow was it cool. It was held at the restaurant that one of my classmates owns. Social hour began at 5 and lasted until 7 or so. I saw some of my friends and met another classmate's wife. She was really fun. People talked to me about what's going on with me, and I got to be my goofy self. Since social hour was held in the restaurant bar section instead of the regular bar section, I got to see everyone who came in to the restaurant. My friends and classmates were amazed that I knew and talked to just about everyone who walked through the doors. I knew everyone because my classmate's restaurant is right next door to Restaurant where I work, and we don't have a monopoly on the customers. So, I know them because they also come to Restaurant. A good friend's fiance said, "Hey, you already got one part of being a minister down; the whole meet and greet everyone routine!" Haha. So, around 7, we sat at our tables and were served family style dinner with chicken, spaghetti, tortellini, fettuccine alfredo, a baked potato, and salad bar. Included in the price of the evening was also unlimited pop or beer. I drank water most of the night. But, after the meal and after we all schmoozed together for a while, we moved to the bar again while they set up karaoke. My classmate's wife, who we will call "Libby" said, "Hey, we're going to sing a song together, aren't we?" And I said, "I'm TONE DEAF!" and she said, "Nice to meet you Tone Deaf, what do you want to sing?" So, we chose a song and when it was our turn we went up there and sang it. It was so much fun. I have never sung karaoke before because I'm not at all confident in my singing abilities. But, most of the people there were drunk anyway... And, I had a couple of beers and a few shots in me before we went up. I had a blast. We sang the song "What's Up?" by 4 Non-Blondes. Hahah. It was great. After we sang, a classmate came up to me and said, "Hey, you guys did a really good job!" And I said, "Yeah right." And she said, "No, really, everyone was saying what a good job you guys did while you were up there." To which I replied, "Then these people must be drunker than I thought!" Hehe. But, it's good to know that people weren't running for the doors with their hands over their ears screaming for silence! And for only having just met "Libby", I felt like we've been friends for years! So, after we sang, I switched back to water, sobered up, listened to more singers, talked to more of my classmates who came late, and then went home. And now, I sit here writing about my evening in my blog. The only thing I wish was different was that more of my classmates would have shown up. Only about 20 classmates showed up, which is kinda disappointing, but what can ya do? And then several of them left pretty early. Ah well... I had fun anyway. So, I wholeheartedly recommend going to class reunions because it's completely different from your actual high school experience because people grow and change from the kids they were in school. I know I have.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Little Things

Sometimes, in life, the little things can really offer a boost to help a person through the day. In response to a little challenge from Tara over at Praying on the Prairie, I've been trying to think of ways that people use the "little things" to speak God's presence into my life. It may sound insignificant to you all, but I have noticed a few little things this past week. Although, maybe insignificant is the point... Thursday at Restaurant, I was the hostess. Well, that day, I think maybe five or six people talked to me about my hopeful future vocation. Usually I don't even get that many comments a week, but these people were encouraging and supporting me all day Thursday. It just seems amazing to me because as I draw closer to my Candidacy Interview on the 29th, it just seems that people are all gung-ho for me. That is really nice, especially since my psychological profile details that I respond very well to affirmation. To me, those people who have asked and encouraged me have been one way that affirms that God does know me quite well, and that God cares for me so much that he sends people into my life who speak to me in ways that really touch my heart. So, I encourage you to check out Tara's post about the seemingly "little things." Anyway, be blessed. This is going to be a really hectic, busy week for me coming up, so hopefully I will be able to blog about it. I'm going to my 5 year class reunion tonight, and I have stuff above the ordinary to do almost every day this coming week. So, I am not falling off the face of the planet, I'm just incredibly busy. So, see ya later.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Team work!

Today, I got to help lead worship with Pastor. I wrote the sermon so he could focus on his continuing education days. So, today, I read the Gospel lesson and preached the sermon at both of the congregations Pastor serves. I didn't have the usual, "This message is crappy" feeling about this sermon. I was quite content with it. Today, I was just very happy. A woman with whom I work even came to church. I've invited her many times, but she and one of her daughters came this time. I think she liked the service. I saw her when the shifts were changing today. I was leaving and she was coming in. She said that she was sitting in her pew and she said to her daughter, "I know Trish isn't ours, but I'm so proud of her!" That just made me smile. I sincerely hope that they will come back, even when I'm not preaching. My sisters, BiL, and "Howard" were also in church today. That baby is so cute you would not believe it! Wow. Maybe I'm a tad partial though. OH, something else I found kinda interesting... When I got to the church this morning, I was mingling around and saying hello to people when I noticed someone who does not regularly come to our church. But, she seemed really familiar, and so I remembered that I've waited on her before at Restaurant. So, after the service was over, Pastor and I were at the back of the sanctuary shaking hands as people were ushered out. This woman came up, shook my hand, and said, "So, you're a good public speaker AND a good waitress!" Haha. It was just weird for some odd reason. Not many of my church folk come in to eat at Restaurant and so it's weird when I realize that my customers are people who have also heard me preach. Not bad weird, just weird. Anyway, I'm really tired now, so I think I'm going to head to bed.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Guess what!

Hey You GUYS!!! (Bonus points if you can name the movie in which that line appears) I'm fairly excited, and do you know why? I get to preach this Sunday! Pastor has taken most of this week "off" to have some reading days for continuing education. Because he wanted to focus on the continuing ed, he didn't want to take time out to do sermon prep. So, he asked if I wanted to preach, to which I replied, "Yeah!" So, this Sunday it is. He will be leading the actual worship part, with the singing and kyrie and all of that good stuff. I just have to do the sermon. That's alright with me, though. The sermon is my favorite part to do, probably because I can't carry a tune in a bucket and so much of the liturgy is singing. I don't sing by myself in front of the congregation because I am so self-conscious about my singing. I'm hoping that they "teach" singing in seminary, or else I'm in some serious trouble... But anyway, I wrote the message Tuesday night. I'm pretty happy with it. I didn't have any of that usual, "Pastor is going to HATE this message and tell me what an awful job I did" feeling. Maybe it's because I have heard one statement a few different times lately. That statement is that, "God calls us to be confident in our baptism." I heard this last Sunday in Pastor's sermon, and then again on Monday, when I had my replacement Initial Interview. So, I think I've really taken that to heart. I even used it myself in the sermon. I'm happy with the message I've written. Pastor says it's nicely done. I'm happy with that.

In other news, I'm done with my summer class. We had the final yesterday. I don't know how I did. I got an A grade on everything up until then, but I think I might have blown it with the final. I was so tired after this week that I think my brain turned to mush. Oh well. The teacher grades pretty easily, so I shouldn't be too worried.

Oh yeah, my replacement Initial Interview, which I mentioned above, went fairly well. It was done over the phone because I already did one I.I. and they felt bad for making me do another one. The interviewer was the head of the Candidacy Committee, so he had all of my information and knew what kinds of questions to ask me. They were harder than the questions I was asked the first go around. At least now I'll be more able to reflect and think upon my history and what not and hopefully be more prepared for the Candidacy Committee Entrance Interview on the 29th. I'm excited. That is going to be ONE VERY BUSY DAY! I have to wake up around 5:30 so I can get ready to leave at about 6:00. I have to be at the synod headquarters at 8:00, have my interview, probably wait for them to say yeah or nay, and then drive home, get ready for a wedding, go to the wedding for which I am the reader and one of the people who passes out bulletins, go to the reception, come home, practice my sermon, and then go to sleep because I'm leading the whole worship service on the 30th because Pastor is going away. So, I'm excited with all that is coming up.

So, I'm keeping busy, keeping my name out of the papers, and trying to enjoy my summer. :) I hope you all are keepin' cool and bein' happy. :) Later.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A little Cheer Up.

My sister-in-law just sent me some pictures of my dog! She says that Stormy is doing pretty well. She wants to play all the time with their other dog, but he won't most of the time. Sis-in-law also said that Stormy is stubborn and is still trying to figure things out. She's cute, but kinda dumb. That's a great part of her appeal. :)

Anyway, so, in other news... Church was especially interesting and good this past Sunday. When I got to the church, Pastor came up to me and said, "Here is fair warning, I'm talking about you and your application process in the sermon this morning!" I told him that I'd try not to turn too bright red, to which his reply was, "Too late." Haha. So, during the sermon, on the text of Mark 6:1-13, where authority is discussed, and how Jesus was thought of as only the son of Mary and the carpenter Joseph, Pastor said that God calls us in our baptisms to God's service. Pastor talked about how the people in Jesus' hometown were asking among themselves, "Who does he think he is?" And then Pastor talked about how we might remember when I was that shy little girl in high school and that might question us to ask, "who does she think she is?" But, God empowers all of us in when God calls us by name and claims us as a part of the family of faith. Pastor told them about how I am nearing the end of my application to candidacy and am ready to go forth into actual candidacy if they will have me. My appointment in Springfield is on the 29th of July. The whole sermon wasn't about my journey thus far, just a minute or two. That was fine with me. But the BEST part of worship (for me, anyway) was after the sermon when Pastor invited the baptismal party forward. So, Sister, BiL, Younger Sis, "Howard," and I went up there. Y.S. and I are "Howard's" sponsors. So, Pastor was in front of the font facing the congregation, Sister, BiL, and Howard were facing toward Y.S. and me. Y.S. was closer to Pastor and so she had to hand him some things, which made me kind of laugh because Y.S. was probably reminded of her acolyting days. Haha. I can sort of read lips and when Pastor would ask Y.S for something, she would kinda turn to me and give me the, "what did he say?" look... I would tell her what he asked for and she would do it. It was funny. Well, I was up there smiling this huge smile like a huge dork, because baptisms are just so remarkable. Pastor would look up and the parents, at Y.S., and at me, and he probably thought, "What is this psycho smiling at?" But, I couldn't help myself. I even got teary eyed when Pastor poured the water over his head. My little buddy has been adopted by God because God loves him! It's so fantastic. It reminds me of my own baptism. But anyway, that's probably enough gushing for now. I'll talk to you later.

Thursday, July 06, 2006


I miss my dog. I took her to live with my brother, sister-in-law, and their son this past Monday. I drove the almost two hours down there with her, played with her a bunch in her new yard, stayed the night, and came home on Tuesday. I was feeling okay about the whole thing because she seemed to get along good with Nephew and their other dog. But then, as I was walking toward my car to leave on Tuesday morning, it was like she KNEW I was leaving her because she started jumping on the fence and barking at me. I felt like a BAD TRISHY! It was reminiscent of when I used to babysit and I had to leave the child with another babysitter when I had to go to my wisdom teeth removal appointment and he just bawled because he wanted me. That's how it made me feel. And now, I come home after school or work and look at her dog house and her tie-out cable and I keep forgetting that she is not there. I miss her. I know it's for the best, but I really, really, really miss my dog. I've had her for over nine years and now all of a sudden she is gone. I know I can go visit her whenever I want, but it's two hours away. That's not too terribly far, but it is longer than I'd like it to be. :( I don't know if I'll ever get another pet. I love them, but when they die or you have to get rid of them, it just is sad. Anyway, thanks for listening. See ya later.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Slightly disgusted...

As some of you may have gleaned from my posts lately, I'm in a summer class at School right now. And any regular readers might recall that I've occasionally complained and griped about School. Well, today, class got out a little early so I was walking down the hallway to get to the door to head me out toward the parking lot in which I park Neno. As I was walking down the hallway, a young woman came out of another room and was walking behind me. She was on a cellphone and was talking to someone. I try not to eavesdrop on people, but cellphones make that a difficult task. This young lady was discussing how she "hates this school," and how it is "too hard." She went on to gripe about how she had been all prepared to go to a different university, and how she had taken a 4000 level course elsewhere and it was easier than School's 100 level course. She thought that was a bunch of B.S. and she thought that was stupid. This young lady just kept blah, blah, blah-ing about how hard School is and how she really doesn't want to go there. I was a little offended because I have gone there for almost two years and here she is bashing it. It's really the principle of the matter. I'm not terribly loyal to the place, but honestly, I could have been a die hard School fan and she did not care that she was just shoveling crap on it. But anyway, I tried walking faster to get away from her because I was sick of hearing her bellyaching. But I just could not get out of earshot. I reached a place and rounded a corner and then started off in a dead sprint so I wouldn't have to hear her anymore. I ran out the doors and down the stairs and finally I got away from her. I kind of feel sorry for the girl because she thinks she should not have to work to get her college degree. Now, like I said earlier, I have complained about School a few times. But I complain about the size and stuff like that and NOT about the actual education aspect of it. I think School does a good job. Granted, we're not Harvard or something, but we're also not Dumbass U. Hopefully that girl figures it out so she can succeed. And stop bellyaching so loudly about the place while she is IN the place. Sorry about the tirade; I was just a little frustrated.