Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Some mild procrastination...

Here I sit at 1:48 in the afternoon, blogging. What I SHOULD be doing is writing a history paper to hand in for tomorrow so I can go play with my friends tonight, but I'm putting it off a bit. I am fairly certain that he is giving some of us an extension because he didn't get our previous papers back til this week. Anyway, I should still get on that.

After kind of a stressful past week or so, I'm chillin' out again. I think Grandma is doing better, and so my brother's words are not looming over me anymore. She might even be going back to the home today or so. Exciting.

I have been very goofy all day. It's that whole "internal reset" thing, I think. I was making jokes and giggling all day. In Exegetical Readings in the New Testament, one of my classmates said, "Trish has a contagious giggle." It was a proud, proud moment.

Anyway, the semester's end is fast approaching. It is really hard to believe. Time flies when you're having fun. I hope you all are having fun, too. Later.

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