Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Just chillin'

Today has been a pretty good day.

I woke up pretty refreshed this morning. I got to bed AND TO SLEEP before midnight last night, and so I got about 8 1/2 hours of sleep. It was GLORIOUS! Yeehaw. This morning, my first class was pretty interesting. I don't know if it's because I'd already done the reading and because I was well-rested, or what. It was nice, though.

Chapel was cool, too. I really like Wednesdays because we do a global setting. I really REALLY like the Gospel acclamation hymn. It's happy and bouncy. Also, one of the new faculty members was "on" for this week. It was funny because on Monday, he read the lesson very animatedly, and it's like he was telling a story. Because the lessons for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were from the same story, I was captivated. I almost slept in on Tuesday, but I thought, "No! I need to find out what happens!" Then, today, Dr. F. finished that story. It was really neat the way he did it. He's a good preacher. He also seems very approachable, and so I've decided to be less intimidated by him.

The teachers here intimidate the crap out of me! I know they shouldn't, but I am very intimidated by about 99% of them. My psych profile says I have "a mild distrust of authority," and so I'm thinking maybe that's my issue. Who knows? I realize I shouldn't feel this way, and so I'm making an intentional effort to not be intimidated by these people.

The rest of the classes went pretty well today. In my Exegetical Class, the teacher and I had a kind of "bonding" moment. I have a bizarre sense of humor and if something is even remotely funny, or if the person is trying, I generally at least give a little smirk. Dr. L. was making these little jokes and I giggled a little at the first one, and then he made another one a minute or two later and I got a smile on my face. He looked my way and said, "I know I can always look at Trish because she gets it." Haha. Too bad I can't get the subject matter! Ooh, snap!

Tonight, we had "Seminarians Gone Wild" night out. Some pals and I went to Applebee's. Last time we went, we got this thing on our receipts where if we called and took the survey, each receipt could get 3 dollars off their next purchase. No one else wanted to do it, so I took their receipts and did them all. I gave them back to the people who gave them to me, but with the validation codes. Except the guy friend who went with me. He didn't want his back. It was fun.

And to burn off all the calories, the gals and I went for a walk this evening. It was wonderful. I haven't been on a walk in too long. I enjoy walking, and too soon, it's going to be perilous with snow and ice and I won't be ABLE to go. I'm glad I got to go tonight. It was fun.

And now, I need to quit blogging so I can go study more for my history test on Tuesday. I'm proud of myself; I'm doing a lot of the reading, and I'm writing answers out already. I want to do well! Pray for me!

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