Saturday, December 29, 2007

Time is fast approaching!

I am leaving for Israel on Thursday! I can't believe it. I'm going to be out of the country for 17 days. This is going to be a week of firsts. My first airplane ride without jumping out, my first time seeing an ocean (if I will be able to see it from the plane; I'm thinking cloud cover, here). My first time using my passport. I'm so excited.

YS and I went to Peoria today to do some shopping. I needed to get some stuff for the trip. I think I have everything I'm going to need. Hopefully, anyway.

I need to write down some information to take with me, and I need to pack and check and recheck to make sure I have everything, but I'm excited. I even got my hair trimmed up tonight (By a professional, even!) in anticipation of going.

I hope everyone else who is gearing up to go someplace for J-Term is getting excited as well. I'm confident there will be many interesting experiences. I'm excited to go, to experience, to come back, to share, and to here other people's experiences! Pretty much, I'm just excited all around. Yeehaw! Peace out, ya'll.


Jae said...

Have fun! Try to get some stamps in your passport. When I went out of the country, the customs people or whoever weren't all that interested in giving stamps but they will if you persist. Just try not to get detained like one of my friends...

Do you have a travel journal? If not, you should get a non-spiral notebook (don't wanna be a terrorist now!) and write about all your adventures. It'd be an amazing thing to look back on on a rainy day.

Have a great time! :)

lutheranmom said...

Have a great trip!!