Thursday, November 08, 2007

Vascular Instability

Here at the Castle, we have announcements and fellowship time after chapel. It's pretty cool. From 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., there are no classes, but everyone can go to chapel and then sit around and chill. Once a week, the announcer asks if anyone has had a birthday or will be having a birthday this week. Today, I was outed by one of my friends because my birthday is coming up. So, one of the professors and I went up to where the announcement "podium" is, and the whole group of people sang happy birthday to us, AND we got to wear party hats, which are also dunce caps because today is dunce day or something. The whole time they were singing, I could feel my face getting redder and redder. It was funny, but then another professor came up and took a picture of us, including my bright red face. It was all in good fun though. The announcer said to me later, "Thanks for being a good sport." Ha.

I'm a blusher, no doubt. I blush ALL the time. I always joke and say, "I'm about ready to explode little pieces of Trish all over the walls!" Hehe. But, anyway, it was fun, and hey, your birthday only comes around once a year, so why not risk a little bit of embarrassment?

Oh! And I have been laughing my head off for a while. For one of my classes, we have to write short papers for our small groups. But, my small group leader has us post them online. The weeks we don't have to post about the readings, we are supposed to comment on those who did have to post. We read "Shadow of the Galilean" and I didn't have to post this week. But, I realized I hadn't commented on anyone's post for this week, and small group was today. So, I got online and posted a reply to one of my classmates who liked how the book isn't written in an "omniscient voice." I also liked that fact. I'm going to put what I wrote, because I think it's hilarious. Here it is:

"I enjoyed reading your post, Friend'sName. I, too, liked the narrative style this book employed. The fact that it was not written from "an omniscient voice" was important because, later Theissen talked about how people today "see" Jesus. We have never personally seen Jesus in the flesh; we simply learn about him and gather up information. Also, according to the beliefs of many people, faith is given as a gift, or as a response to the love of Christ. I, for one was captivated in seeing how people IN Jesus' day might have been thinking about him and his mission and ministry. It's kind of like when you're watching a scary movie and the killer is right behind someone and you scream at the T.V. "LOOK BEHIND YOU!" But if the event were happening in real life, and you were the person in the scene, you'd probably have NO idea to look behind you. Similarly, this book portrayed Jesus, not from a panoramic view, but in a manner that shows that people had no idea what exactly this Jesus guy was all about. No one was there to yell, "LOOK BEHIND YOU!" They had to figure it out for themselves."

I am such a dork. When I was writing that last night, I stopped and read it after I was done and busted out laughing. But, I decided to go ahead and post it anyway. Comedic relief.

And, I was talking to a friend on MSN messenger last night and I was making myself laugh even more about other things. Sometimes, I just need to laugh so much that I find humor in the stupidest things. It's fun. Anyway, have a good day, and a happy dunce day! BTW, dunces were thought to help funnel information into the brains of people better; thus the reason they were worn by the "bad" kid. Ha.

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