Monday, March 03, 2008

A request!

Hello all you fine folks who read this blog! I thought it might be fun to have a vote to see which "Option" you think is the best one so far. The assignment is due on Monday, but we're emailing it to the professor, so I think I'm going to send it in on Sunday night.

The assignment was basically just to write something; anything creative. So long as we turn it in, we will get credit for it. I have put a lot of time into the assignment, just by sheer numbers of things I've come up with.

So, I'm simply asking that you vote on the one you like the best, or if you hate them all, go ahead and tell me that, too. It's hard to see which one others like, because I wrote them and like them all, although to varying degrees.

So, if you don't vote, I'll just pick the one I like the best. And hey, even if you do vote, I still may do that. I'm just curious what my *adoring* audience thinks. Haha.

Alright. Peace out y'all.

1 comment:

Chuck said...

I like option 7. I don't like option 5, but in a good way. I think option 5 is more moving, but option 7 is... happier. You should probably go with 5.

In my opinion.

Which is what you asked for.