Monday, March 03, 2008

Option 6-No Wonder

I don't like the phrase,
"No Wonder..."
I've heard it said,
"Let x Thing surprise you,
even if you think you know it
frontways and backways."
In my experience,
very little is black and white.
Shades of grey abound,
even in what I think I know.
We can always, always, ALWAYS wonder.
Confusion CAN BE a good thing.
Often it's not because it's disorienting and scary,
but sometimes that confusion...
leads us to a deeper quest for meaning
or answers.
And as we strive to make heads or tails of the things
we once thought we knew,
we can take solace in our confusion,
in the mental fog that comes
when you've though about something for too long,
such as the simple word, "the,"
knowing that fog in the little things makes it
less embarassing to have fog in the "big things."
Because it's all foggy.
Fog, fog, fog. We live
in a world of fog.
But it's okay because
even when the fog obscures vision,
we have faith that we are not alone.

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