Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My 400th Post

Easter break is over and it went pretty well. YS and I went and visited Ma at the SuperMax. They took her off the tranks she was on, and so she's a bit more chipper. She talked pretty much complete jibberish while we were there, but it was nice to see her smile.

I was anxious to get back though. I missed people. A lot. And I got some of my favorite Easter candy from this really cool guy I know. :) And I missed hanging out with my peeps. Yeah, yeah, the kids are fun and the fam is entertaining, but I do enjoy my life here at Seminary.

I wanted my 400th post to be happy. I think it has been sufficiently so.

Last, but not least for this post, my professor for whom I wrote all those options emailed me with positive comments about my assignment. It was nice to hear. From what I hear, he said positive things to many, many people. It's nice to know.

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