Monday, March 17, 2008

On Duty

Tonight, I volunteered to watch Howard and Sunscreen so Sis and BiL could go on a date. Married people don't go on dates enough. Especially when they have children. And when you have kids, it gets even harder to make special time for each other. When you're dating, you can just chill at home and make time for each other. I actually like "staying in" on dates. It's cheap, it's fun, and you don't have to deal with all kinds of people bein' all up in yer kool-aid.

So, I'm watching the kids. And they're sleeping. So, I'm just chillin' like a villain in Illin-ois.

In other news, we're having corned beef and cabbage tomorrow night. I'm incredibly excited. I stopped in and had a visit with my ex-boss yesterday, and they were having CB&C for a special. Restaurant has THE best CB&C around, and I was slightly bummed I didn't have any. Ah well. Hangin out with YS was better.

And so, today, I stayed in. And slept in. And I need to start catching up while I'm on break. Good luck to you all as you play catch-up and all that good jazz... Peace out.

P.S. Due to "popular" demand, I will be posting "Fading to Grey" (hopefully, if I can find it) next week when I get back to my computer.

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