Monday, March 03, 2008

Option 5-Writing History (Don't worry; this assignment is due next Monday, so the options are almost over)

I wrote a poem once called,
"Fading to Grey."
That poem almost won me a full ride
academic scholarship
at a beautiful
private college; alma mater of Ronald Reagan.
I didn't want the scholarship because
I didn't want to be a writer.
And that's not sour grapes
because I got second place.
But, I got my name printed in the newspaper.
My mom saved the clipping,
but she never asked to read the poem.
Sis (name deleted for the purpose of blogging) asked to hear it one day
while the two of us were in the car.
And after much prompting,
I acquiesced.
Sis cried.
I felt bad
and stopped writing.
Thanks for the assignment.

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Jae said...

Will you publish "Fading to Grey" here, please? Or e-mail it to me?