Monday, March 03, 2008

Option 7-Untitled Again for now.

"What am I doing?" I wonder to myself as I stand there. I don't know what to do! This situation doesn't look right, but I have to pretend confidence in my abilities. People are counting on me! Granted, this is not a life or death situation, but still!

"You need any help there, Molita?" my friend Audit questions.

"Nope! I got it under control. It's cool."

But really, I'm shaking because I'm so nervous. "Jee Whiz! Get over it, Trish. This isn't that big a deal."

Someone knocks on the door. "Holy Crap! People are going to see my ineptitude! My glaring, obvious inability to do something that should not be that hard!"

I start thinking about alternate endings. What to do if this happens; what to do if that happens. I think I have a pretty decent back up plan, but I'm still hoping I won't need it.

"Please work out! Please work out! It's not looking right. What if it doesn't turn out!?" Welcome to my inner dialogue.

6:30 passes and I wonder, "Why the hell is this taking so long? And for the love of sanity, Trisha, why are you freaking out about this? Calm down!"

And I think to myself, "How many life or death situations have you been in, and you can't handle THIS? Gimme a break!"

More knocks on the door! "Why can't they be late for once! AAAHHHH!!!"

Everyone is assembled. And waiting. And asking if they can help.

"No, No. Sit down and relax. It's cool. Don't worry about it."

More time elapses and finally, it starts to look right. Holy Asp, Batman! It actually looks pretty much like it is supposed to look! Praise the Lord! (The situation warrants it, despite the fact we are in the middle of Lent).

"Hey y'all! Dinner's ready!"

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