Saturday, March 29, 2008


Hey y'all. Thanks for your prayers. Grandma is doing better. I think she even went back to her nursing home yesterday. I maintain that she is a very strong woman. Looks like OB was wrong again (It's not a game; I'm just bitter).

Anyway, I just did the rest of my Greek posting for the week. This whole being late thing is not good. I think I'm going to start doing them on Wednesday or something. I don't want to flunk. Haha.

I need to go to bed now. I'm going to a party tomorrow, and I don't want to be a tired Trishy who has no personality due to fatigue.

Thanks again for all your prayers and thoughts of me. My life is brimming with wonderful people. Each and every one of you is a blessing; all in your own unique ways. Thanks so much.

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