Sunday, March 30, 2008

Instead of doing my Systematic Theology Stuff...

I'm going to write a little bit about an observation I have made.

SiteMeter allows me to see some basic information about who is reading my blog. As a part of this, it allows me to see search words that land people on my site.

Lately, I have noticed people have stumbled onto my blog by searching with the words, "Will Spring ever come?" This has me wondering a great deal about this thought. We here in SeminaryTown, as well as in many areas across the midwest, have experienced a very rough winter. I don't really know how it's been in other places, but I can only imagine it has been fairly rough for a lot of places.

So, it seems to me that people are definitely ready for spring. And the fact that they are searching for answers online just solidifies this thought for me. Certainly, one would think that they don't truly expect to find answers online about when Spring will come. Technically, it's "here" already, what with us having observed the Spring Equinox and all, but the "feel" of Spring is still out of our grasp. Anyway, I digress.

These searchings have made me question about how people search in different places for answers. The Internet is a wonderful tool to discover information, to build community, and to have fun, among many other things. However, the Internet cannot tell us everything. It can tell us when Spring will get here like it can tell us when my Grandma is going to die from Congestive Heart Failure. And by this, I mean, it can't do this. My Grandma is different and the Internet doesn't know her, just like the Internet cannot pinpoint the exact hour and day that Spring will arrive to stay. It can give us ideas, but no definite answers.

And so, I think about how people search for meaning in life. Jobs, hobbies, education, families, etc, etc, etc are all things that people look to in order to give their lives meaning. I think that these things can definitely ADD meaning to life, but I don't think they are the meaning of life.

"God alone is the source of all life." So sayeth one of my esteemed professors. So, if God is the source of all life, one might think that God gives meaning to life. I think God does give meaning. God's care for the world is what allows life to exist. The saving relationship God has with humanity through Jesus Christ allows us to live, move, and have our being; freed from the threat of complete and total death when the Spirit moves us to recognize that God has taken death into God's self through Jesus Christ, and has defeated death.

So, answers about the meaning of life... I don't really have them. I just know that without the Triune God, my life would not have the meaning it has.

Holy Cow. I have Systematic Theology on the brain. I need to go before I hurt myself.

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