Monday, February 25, 2008

Option 4-Another Untitled as of yet

Sometimes, late at night
When I don't have my glasses on
because I'm lying in bed,
I look at the numbers on my alarm clock,
but they are fuzzy because I can't see.
And what I see as I look at the fuzzy numbers,
with my head lying on the pillow,
is a blurry face of Jesus.
Crown of thorns and everything.
I've always had an overactive imagination,
but this blurry Jesus-face thing is just weird.
I wonder if I'm feeling particularly sinful these nights,
or if the fuzzy green numbers would look like
"Crown of thorns Jesus" to anyone else.
I HIGHLY doubt it.
We frequently say that Jesus is always with us,
even til the end of time.
Maybe that's a bit coincidental, eh?
Jesus is with me, late at night, when I'm blind as a bat
because I don't have my glasses on and I'm looking
at the numbers change on the clock.
And finally, I fall asleep.
End of time, indeed.

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