Tuesday, February 05, 2008


School is cancelled tomorrow! SNOW DAY! I can't believe it!

My undergraduate school cancelled one time when I was a student there, but it didn't affect me because I didn't go to class everyday by that time. This snow day actually gets me out of a 7:30 small group and a morning class! Weehaw! The only bummer is that tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, and so I should probably find a place out in the community to do that worship tomorrow.

Tonight, we had a Mardi Gras worship service, which was AWESOME. Some talented students played their instruments (clarinet, trombone, trumpet, piano, and sax) and we got the hymns out of the "African American" ELCA worship book. It was lively and fun. After worship, there was a potluck. I can't cook, and so didn't bring anything. But there was plenty of food. I had a good time, and next time I will take pinwheels or something that requires little skill. If it hadn't snowed all day today, I might have gone to the store to get the stuff. But, I hate driving in snow.

Anyway, so, it was a good night, and I am ready for bed now. I think I may finish reading a "for fun" book, though, even though it's not a "fun" book. It's about a guy who suffered a massive stroke in his brain stem and can only communicate by blinking his left eye. But, it's an interesting read, so I wanna finish up. But, I went downstairs earlier and excitedly told some people that there is no school tomorrow. The rest of the night is mine, now though. Stay warm, stay safe.

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