Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Option 1-Will Spring Ever Come?

"Will Spring ever come?"
I ask as the snow whips around outside in the wind.
We make small talk.
"It's SeminaryTown's 8th snowiest season ever!"
"No chance of early blooms this year."
"It's been SO cold, too."
We long for the lengthening of days into,
perhaps, light jacket weather,
but instead, we still wear our beanies and gloves.
"Will Spring ever come?"
I question in my thoughts...
The boys need outdoor play time.
It might help them get rid of their illnesses.
Being cooped up is horrible for the wee ones,
and, really, for the parents, too.
They don't understand the concept of changing seasons yet,
they simply know that being cold is no fun.
"Will Spring ever come?"
The groundhog says we have several more weeks of winter.
That creature doesn't really know,
and yet we still curse him for bad news.
It's a psychological thing, I reckon.
We want promise,
"Will Spring ever come?"

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