Monday, February 25, 2008

Option 3-Skillet Trish

am an excellent rapper,
but I only do one song,
and it's not even mine.
But, I enjoy performing it
because it makes people LAUGH.
I don't know if you all think I'm funny,
but I think I'm hilarious.
Who ever said humor isn't a Spiritual Gift?
But, what's more important than being funny
is being able to laugh with others
and at yourself.
It helps keep that whole "sanity" thing going.
And, in my experience,
laughing helps people deal with the "stuff" of life.
There are worse ways of coping.
Sure, sometimes I "cross the line,"
but that is something about which I am learning.
And that's okay.
Because if we don't learn,
we become irrelevant and less useful
and then we die without having made a difference.
And the thought of that

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