Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hey Vinny-Get da shovel!

Alright, so yesterday, I needed to go grocery shopping and to the drugstore, but I haven't driven anywhere in about three weeks. So, since we had a HUGE snow last week, my car was pretty much buried. But, I went out there, got most of the snow off my windows, and thought that the snow behind my car wasn't too deep. So, I tried to reverse out, so I could finish scraping off my windows.

Unfortunately, I could only go about six inches in either direction. The tires were just spinning.

So, I tried to use my scraper to move some snow away from my tires so I could get some momentum going. But, whenI tried, that didn't work either.

At that point, I went inside and borrowed one of the snow shovels that are around the doors of the dorm. I spent about an hour or so shoveling out (there was A LOT of snow), and I noticed that the problem I was having was not a snow problem, but an ICE problem. There was ice under all my tires. So, I finished shoveling, gave the reversing thing more more try, and realized I was going to need a little bit of help.

At this point, I went upstairs and asked one of my good friends if she could come steer while I pushed the car. She said yes, and we walked down there.

I should mention that my pants, coat, and gloves were all pretty much soaked by this point, but yesterday was a pretty nice day. I wasn't even cold. So, my friend came down. And then, I saw that I hadn't shoveled any of the snow away from the FRONT of my car, so I had to stand in about three feet of snow in order to be at the front of the car. Ah well. So, Friend sat in there and I pushed and she reversed, and because I'm absolutely BUFF, we got the car out in a matter of about 15 seconds. We're THAT good, people. :) So, Friend reversed me away from the ice, and then I got to do my errands.

Needless to say, when I got back to the Castle, I parked somewhere else.

A lot of people may have been crabby about having to spend a minimum of an hour digging out of crusted over snow, but I was happy. Physical labor makes me feel useful. Plus, it was a nice workout. I'm slightly sore today, but nothing too bad.

I'm just grateful that I had someone to help me at the end there. Yay for friends! Thanks FRIEND!

Anyway, so that was that, and I just thought I'd share the story. Have a nice day.

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