Sunday, July 08, 2007


So today was a pretty good day. Sunscreen was baptized today! YS and I got to be sponsors again. When we were going up to the font, BiL handed the little guy to me and I got to hold him while Pastor seashelled the water onto his head. Some of the water got on my elbow and it was really cold, but Sunscreen didn't cry or anything. He got a face like he might and I whispered, "It's okay, little buddy." to him and he quieted down. I was a smiling fool. Baptisms make me happy.

After church, Sis, BiL, Ma, and I went to the nursing home to visit Grandma. She's doing really well for being 93 years old. She was in "church" when we got there, but they were finishing up. While she was waiting to be ushered out, she saw us waiting and she blew us kisses and waved. My grandma is so darn cute. She is kinda forgetful and she walks with a walker, but I think she's doing remarkably well for her age. I love her a lot.

After we were done visiting Granny, I took Ma home and tried to use OB's comp to upload my skydiving video. It didn't work. Macs confound me, but my computer, nor Sis's computer has DVD capabilities. Hopefully I get something worked out. I did, however, upload some of the stills to my MySpace and Facebook accounts if anyone wanted to look me up on there. I'm so excited to share the stuff that I can hardly contain myself.

Oh, and OB said that Ma rebounded well enough to not have to put her in a home yet. The neurologist said that if she acquired an acute infection, it could mimic a sudden, steep dropoff. So, she was probably sick last week or something. But, she's a little bit better, so that's good. I just hope OB realizes his boundaries before he burns out.

Oh, and for the last few weeks, I have been doing a short bike ride before my walk. I ride it up the street to the end of town and then ride it down the street. Because this town is built on a river, up the street is uphill and down the street is downhill. I get going really fast on the downhill and it's a blast. I just wish I didn't have stop signs because I'd be all about riding like a psycho. But, my bike doesn't have brakes, so I need to be extra careful.

And, Sis goes back to work tomorrow, so I start babysitting the children by myself. I'm worried that I'm going to be exhausted by the time July 22nd rolls around, but I hope that it will be good exhausted. And with that, I need to be going. Have a delightful day.

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