Thursday, July 12, 2007


Ok, not much is going on. But, I tend to feel guilty if I don't update every couple of days or so.

I think I might be getting sick again. My throat feels funny. Boo... At least I was well enough to go skydiving last week. That's the main thing. Oh, speaking of skydiving, I was out for my walk tonight, and I passed a vehicle with a skydiving bumper sticker. I laughed a little and then noticed someone was in the vehicle, with the windows down, so I stopped and had a brief conversation with her. She's not the skydiver; her husband is. Sis is going to scold me for "talking to strangers" again. I'm always talking to strangers and every night as I go out for my walk she says, "Don't talk to strangers." Ok Sis....

I've been watching the children during the day. Howard is starting to walk a little bit. He's almost 15 months old, so it's kind of late. But, hey, he's the firstborn so we'll give him some leeway. Also, today I was sitting on the floor with him and he came up to me, pulled himself up, climbed into my lap, and gave me a big hug! That is so sweet. Then, tonight, I was lying on the couch and he climbed up there and crawled up to my head and gave me a big kiss. I love that kid so much. I love Sunscreen like mad too, but he doesn't do anything except eat, sleep, poop, fart, pee, cry, and occasionally smile. He also wakes up at about 6:30 in the morning, so I'm NOT happy about that... But hey, what are you gonna do?

Um, not much else is happening. Summer Greek starts on the 23rd. I'm slightly nervous, but I think I'll be able to do fine. I picked up French in high school fairly well. Plus, one of my CPE mates said that if you know English well, Greek shouldn't be too bad. I'm an English fanatic, so maybe I'm in luck...

And, with that, I need to be going because Scrubs is going to be on soon. I got hooked on the show this past semester because the CPE house only had about 5 channels, and Scrubs was the only good thing on t.v. it seemed. So, now I watch it whenever I can. :) So, have a good day.

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