Friday, July 13, 2007


So, after a week of watching the boys, I got to leave the house tonight for something other than my nightly walk. Sis, BiL, Howard, Sunscreen, and I met BiL's sister and her man at the driving range. I'd never been to a driving range before, but it was really fun. We grabbed our golf bags and "bought" buckets of balls, and whacked around for a couple of hours. Not to sound conceited or whatever, but I was totally impressed with 85% of my hits or so. I'm not too good at distance, but I was pretty consistent in where I hit. So, yeehaw. Plus, it was just a lot of fun.

After teeing around for awhile, we went back to BiL's sister's house and ordered food. I ate way too much, but it was the wonderfulness of Mexican food! Yeah. It was really good. I'm only slightly bummed because I hurt the back of my knee while hitting golf balls, and my head hurts, but all is well.

I'm kinda looking forward to heading back to the castle. I miss my room, my computer, and doing things I've not done before. I miss intelligent conversation and the promise of new friendships and becoming better friends with some of the people I've already met. And, I'm also anxious to get back because I thrive on routine. Before the routine is established, I have a tendency to get a bit nervous. But, once I'm into a routine, I'm totally cool with it, and can even roll with the punches. But, I just want to get into learning Greek and meeting people and what not. From what I've heard, Greek is a really great bonding time. I hope so. I would really love to make new friends and cultivate relationships that are akin to the friendships I made during CPE.

And, I'm also totally looking forward to my good friend Jacki's wedding in a few weeks! It seems so strange that my friends are getting married, but I'm SO happy for them! I could not see myself married at this point at all, but we're all different people.

Anyway, I hope your "Friday the 13th" wasn't too bad. It's weird the way certain days can remind you of things. From now on, Friday the 13th will remind me of the man who died at Restaurant last year. I'm not a superstitious person, because as I've said before, "Good and bad things happen everyday," but it's just one of those thorns in my side, I guess.

I'm off for some sleep that will hopefully rid me of this headache. Hasta.

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