Thursday, December 21, 2006

Worship Planning

I believe I mentioned in an earlier post that Pastor and his family are going out of town after Christmas Eve worship, and thus I get to lead worship on the 31st. I'm excited. I like leading worship. The interesting thing this time is that I am planning the whole service. I think I might be in slightly over my head. He gave me a guide I could use, so I might just take that route. We'll just have to see. At least it's going to be the season of Christmas with all the Christmas songs and everything, though, so that's good.

After worship planning, I came home and piddled around the house a little bit. I had to visit the doctor today. I try to avoid the doctor like no other, because I'm generally a pretty healthy person, despite some health problems that will be with me until I die. But, I do take daily medicine, so I "need" to see a doctor a few times a year and have some blood tests and what not. I went to the doctor and they needed several vials of blood from me, but for some reason, my veins weren't giving it up today. That is weird, because I'm a bleeder. I have three bruises now; one on the inside of my elbow, and one on each hand. I guess it's a good thing needles don't bother me... Hehe. Anyway, I need to go now to try to figure out what I'm doing for next Sunday. That will be sermon number 19. I'm excited! See ya.

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