Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Oh yeah!

Hehe... This past Sunday, some gal pals from high school and I got together for our annual Christmas celebration. In years past, we have gotten together on New Year's Day, but as we grow, our schedules make it so that we have to get together at different times because our schedules are different.

For our celebration, we buy one gift, and then when we get there, we devise a system of finding who gets what gift. This year, the gift I received was this set from Starbucks. It's got three layers. In each layer is a bag of flavored coffee beans, and then some form of chocolate that compliments the flavor of coffee. While I'm not that big of a coffee drinker, I'm still very excited because I can lure people into my dorm room with gourmet coffee!! I just need a coffeepot now, I suppose. But, my sister in law got me this thing for graduation that froths milk up in a matter of seconds, so that could be a good thing for me to put in the coffee. Anyway, I'm excited, and that's the main thing. Plus, Sunday was really cool. I love getting together with my friends. It's so neat to see the different paths we are all taking, and the different places we find ourselves. Some are married, some are engaged, one has what I consider to be a budding romance, and then some (by some, I mean me) are single. :) And we are all doing different things with our lives, and it's just so fun to come together and have some time and just catch up and have fun and play board games and eat Jacki's mom's cookies! Haha. And that's that. It was good.


Anonymous said...

Haven't stopped by for a while (thanks for your prayers and comments regarding that reason by the way). You have been busy too! Congratulations on graduation and Merry Christmas too.

Anonymous said...

it was good to see you Trish!! and I'm glad that you enjoyed my mom's cookies :) let me know when you're making the big move to the exciting state of Iowa :D

love ya!