Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Almost done

Tomorrow is the last day of real class for me at College. I can't believe it. And, I don't HAVE to take any finals because my history prof doesn't make his students take all of them, and my capstone class doesn't have a final. We are presenting our findings from all of our research tomorrow. Well, I'm not in the presenting group, but it's all of our findings. I did a bunch of editing. I can't believe it. We're almost there. I just have this unfounded fear that a member of the faculty who comes to see our presentation is going to heckle us and tell us we did a shoddy job and we're going to fail. I know that's not logical, but I'm one of those, "Can't breath till it's over" people. You know the type. I don't get mean and psychotic, but I'm slightly stressed and grateful that I have chewable Pepto in my car for occasions such as this. :) Hehe. I'm out.

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