Monday, December 25, 2006


I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Christmas. I did, although my family isn't done celebrating yet. We're having our family get together on Thursday because one of my brothers works at a prison. Prisons don't close for the holidays, and Thursday is one of his days off. So, the family will be coming here to celebrate. I'm excited.

Today was not completely left to the ordinary, though. Sis and BiL had me, younger sis (YS) and YS's boyfriend (YSB) over this early afternoon so we could do our gift exchange. In my family, for the past several years, we've drawn names and only had to buy for our person, Mom, Grandma, and the kids still in high school or younger. But, we sisters like to have a private gift exchange just because we're all really close. I got a lot of great stuff that will come in handy when I move to my dorm room. I went in with YS and got Sis and BiL a digital camcorder so they can videotape Howard as he grows. I'm excited about that. Sis and I went in together and got YS a massage table because she is going to school to become a massage therapist and hasn't been able to find the money to purchase the table yet. I'm excited about that gift, too.

Then tonight, Mom came over to Sis and BiL's house and Mom, Sis, BiL, Howard, and I trekked across town to BiL's sister's house where we had Christmas dinner. That family is so welcoming that I am just continually amazed by them. I was sitting on one of the couches watching a movie on T.V. with them when BiL's sister came up to me and asked if I'd like to share the prayer. (Remember, I shared the Thanksgiving prayer last month?) So, I said, "Sure, I can do that." So, I got up, walked into the kitchen and asked if everyone was ready. They were, and so I said the prayer. Sis always expresses her surprise when we're alone at my ability to say "good" prayers off the cuff. She says, "I guess you probably are going into the right field." This always makes me laugh. Anyway, that's about all I have to say now. Down below is basically what I said this evening (remembering, again, that these prayers are not rehearsed prior to the delivery of them, and so there is NO way I could remember them verbatim). Have a good rest of your Christmas season, and stay safe if you're on the road.

Christmas Prayer 12-25-06
Holy God, we give You thanks this day for the many gifts we have received.
We pray especially in thanksgiving for the gift of your Son Jesus Christ.
While we know we can never repay You for Your boundless generosity,
we pray that our lives might reflect thanks and praise
knowing that every good gift we receive is from Your hand.
Help us to live lives of gratitude and service,
through Your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

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