Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I'm ready, I'm ready, IIIIIIIII'm Ready!

This morning, I went to the church to get the bulletins printed and folded for this coming Sunday's service. I went early so that I could get help from the treasurer if I needed it, considering I'm not really comfortable with the "new" copy machine. I only use it about once a month when I'm copying the minutes for the council meeting. But, I had an idea. I went, had no trouble figuring out how to use the "bypass" function, and got the bulletins all printed out. I was planning on sitting there and folding the bulletins, but the treasurer told me that we have an automatic folder! I had no idea! Back in the day, Pastor used to have the confirmation kids do it. :) Hehe. But the only problem was that the treasurer didn't know how to make it work. I went into the storage room where it is stored (I always wondered what that thing was!) and I looked it over, put the paper at the top, and found the switch. That's how it works. It's set to the right folds and everything. That machine is about the neatest thing I've used in a while. I'm very easily amused. :) So that whole business only took me about 15-20 minutes, although I got into some conversation with some ladies who were there. But, all is well. I'm ready for Sunday. I'm excited!

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