Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A *simple* request.

I was wondering if all my fabulous, wonderful, and supportive friends could come live with me in my dorm room? I'd like that a lot! :)

Anyway, my previous post was me being angry with myself because a neighbor/older friend died before I had the chance to go see her. I have realized that I all too often take people for granted. I didn't say hi to Dick the last time I saw him because I thought I'd get to see him again, I didn't make the special trip to see Karen because I thought there would be more time, and so forth and so on. I really need to realize that, as Chris Rice puts it, "I have no guarantee of my next heartbeat." So, as I learn to not put off tomorrow what I can do today, I also challenge you all to say something important to someone you may feel like you've taken for granted lately.

Jacki-thank you for your seemingly endless Internet hugs when I need them! You're the bomb, girlfriend. And I'll say that to yer face, Randy!


Jacki said...

anytime trish :D hopefully sooner than later i can give you a real one :) happy wednesday eve/thursday!

RuthRE said...

hugs left and right for sure