Wednesday, May 02, 2007

It really IS the Mothership!

Yesterday, my CPE group and I had our offical "final" day. We had exit interviews conducted by some of the people on the committee for CPE for my hospital. Then, my group led closing worship in the chapel. All the staff chaplains came, as well as the mother of one of my CPE mates, and the husband of another. It was really nice. Then, we went for lunch at Biaggi's, courtesy of the Spiritual Care department. It was cool. I'd never been to Biaggi's before because BiL says, "I'm not payin' 10 bucks for a plate of spaghetti!" Haha. It was good, but the Italian restaurants in the next town over from my own are just as good, in my opinion. Anyway, the day was really great, although I'm sad that this experience is coming to an end. I say coming to an end because I'm on call tonight because I'm covering for one of my CPE mates who couldn't be here tonight. This is the absolute last day for this unit of CPE. I'm really going to miss everyone. But, I digress.

The day was good, except for the fact that I had a MONSTROUS headache for almost the whole entire day. When I got back to the seminary, I put a cold washcloth over my eyes and my forehead, and I laid down in my bed. I accidentally fell asleep (at 4:30) in the afternoon. I woke up at about 10:00 and figured I had better put my PJs on so I could be more comfortable and less hot. So, I put my jammies on and put the cold washcloth back on my head/eyes. My pajamas during the warm months are my Spongebob shorts and a tshirt. Not 10 minutes later, this ear-piercing sound started going off. I thought, "Is that the fire alarm?" So, I realized I couldn't go outside as I was with my Spongebob short-shorts, so I grabbed some jeans from the dirty pile in the laundry basket under my bed and pulled them on. I also put a jacket on and grabbed my keys and walked out my door. I followed some of my neighbors outside and we stood on the sidewalk. I thought it was a drill, but they said it was not a drill. The R.A. was walking around and my friend, "Michelle," whom I talked about before was walking around, I think making sure everyone was out. I could see her when I was looking up into the windows.

As I looked into the windows, I saw that there was a flashing light going around. It was travelling very fast and it was going throughout the halls and stuff. I thought those lights made the seminary look like a spaceship! I laughed because people call the seminary, "The Mothership." Ha. It really did look like the stereotypical spaceship though, what with all the lights flashing and all. So, the firetrucks came and they checked the place out and turned the alarm off when they found out what happened. One of my neighbors accidentally started burning some stuff in his microwave, causing it to smoke. I hope the guy doesn't feel too embarrassed. I actually had fun out there. I laughed especially hard when someone went in to loan a fan to the man in order to air his room out. When she came back out, she fake coughed this horrid "Hech, hech" type sound. It cracked me up.

Anyway, so after the firemen got everything under control, we all went back inside and I went back to bed until about 8:00 this morning. Man, was I tired! I'm such a lazy bum. But now, I'm sitting here at the CPE house, wondering if I'm going to get any more calls tonight. Who knows? As one of the staff chaplains at the other campus says, "May your night be what it needs to be." Later.


T said...

Its always fun when the fire alarms go off. It truly does look like the Mothership. My senior year at seminary the fire alarm went off like three times. One was the night the seniors were having their wine social with bishops. By the third time,I think, the firemen were a little annoyed with us but hey you're right it was fun!

Jacki said...

oh alarms were no joke at school for me...seriously they always seemed to happen at like 3-5 in the morning when EVERYONE was asleep...and the firetrucks had to come everytime...standing outside in the cold at 4 in the morning in just your pjs is no fun at all :( but i'm glad you enjoyed your first one :D so holy crap you're done with cpe...when should we do lunch?