Friday, May 25, 2007


So, Supa called me today to ask me a few questions while he was filling out his review of me for the seminary. We had a short talk, and I found out that one of my CPE mates is going to be installed Sunday at her position as a child and family minister. I think I'm going to make the drive and go. I really like this person, and I think it's great that she's found a place that suits her, and where she can use her gifts. I'm excited!

I'm also thoroughly enjoying my new nephew. He's so darn cute. Howard looks a lot like his daddy, but Sunscreen looks a lot like us. I noticed the first time I ever saw him that he looks a lot like my dad looked, and how my Aunt Joyce looked. It's cute. He's such a pudgy baby! :) Howard crawled over to the cradle today and stood up and was talking to Sunscreen. He wasn't saying real words, because he only knows a couple, but he was doing his little jibber-jabber thing. It was so adorable. I hope that those two become really close brothers. I would love that; probably because my sisters and I are all so close.

Anyway, I'm helping Sis take care of Howard and Sunscreen because she had a C-section and isn't able to lift anything heavier than the baby, and because she's still sore. So, I'm being dutiful Aunt T. I am so blessed!

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