Tuesday, May 15, 2007

No cohesiveness to this post.

Hello. This post is just going to be things that I've been doing, and things about which I've been thinking. There will be no cohesiveness between the items.

I'm done with my first semester at Seminary. I have no idea what kind of grade I got in history. Hopefully an A or B. I was talking with my advisor earlier this month and she suggested I do "Credit/No Credit" for my classes because there is less pressure that way. I'm usually driven by the grade thing, but I think C/NC could be a nice change, if only for one semester. We'll just have to see how I like it when I use that option next semester.

I'm keeping my room over the summer, but I came "home." And by "home," I mean Sis and BiL's house because I don't want to stay at my own home. Sis is going in to have baby #2 on Monday. I'm very excited. I love babies. I'd sincerely appreciate your prayers to keep her and the little one safe.

Mom isn't doing any better, really. She keeps asking us where Dad is. Dad's been dead for almost 12 years, and I hate to tell her each time about where he is. The look that briefly crosses her face is awful. Dementia sucks.

I've been jonesing to go skydiving again. I have until August 14th, but I plan to go before then because Summer Greek starts July 23. I also want to go before July, because I'll be babysitting Sis's rugrats that month. One of my friends told me she'd go with me, but she got a job, so I'm hoping she's still down with it. I hope to have my next jump videotaped, and if I do, I might try to put it on YouTube. It depends.

Sis and BiL got a new computer (thank the Lord; the old one was awful) and so I've been helping them put things like Adobe and MSN messenger on this one. I really miss my cable Internet connection that I have at Seminary. Dial up is the pits!

My car keeps having problems with it. I had to have the outside passenger tie rod replaced a few weeks ago, the solenoid went bad about a week after the tie rod, and there is something wrong with the brakes. The mechanic (a trustworthy, less expensive guy) replaced the tie rod. BiL whacked the solenoid really good and made it start working again (although that is a short-term fix), and the mechanic is now in possession of my vehicle in order to fix its maladies. I'm bummed.

Life Cereal with Chocolate Oat Clusters is very good.

I'm leading worship at my church and I'm preaching at Pastor's "other" church this Sunday. He's going on a continuing ed trip. I'm excited.

Anyway, that is my life in short paragraphs right now. You all have a nice day, and enjoy the weather.

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