Wednesday, May 30, 2007


To satisfy my good friend's curiosity, this is a blog post about nicknames.

Because I'm cool with letting my vast audience know that my name is Trish, I think it would be fair to let you also know that I'm not down with putting out the names of my three precious nephews. Mainly it's just friends and other church-type folk who visit this page, but alas, this is the Internet. So, I make up nicknames for my little people.

Sis's firstborn son's nickname is Howard because when she was pregnant with him, I laughed because she had one boy name and one girl name picked out. I said, what if it's triplets? You'll give birth and only have the first two named, and you'll be too drugged up to think of a name for number three, so you'll just name him the first thing that comes to mind, which will probably be Howard or something. So, while none of us call him Howard anymore (it was pretty much an in-utero thing), I still call him Howard when I'm blogging. Howard has real nicknames that we call him in person.

Sis's second son is nicknamed many things; I'm just waiting to see if I like "Sunscreen" enough to keep it. I've been calling him Sunscreen because his initials are SPF. So, Sunscreen is one of the nicknames I've come up with. Other potentials include:

Mellow Yellow or Mel for short (He's a mellow kid. He'll wake up and just look around instead of cry).

Squeaker (When he does cry, it comes out in little squeaks)

Speedbump (Howard is rambunctious, so BiL's sister's boyfriend says all he'll really be for a while is a speedbump for Howard to make sweet jumps off of)(P.S. Bonus points if you can name that movie).

Red (He has a hint of red in his hair, and it comes out more when he's wearing red).

So, those are the potential nicknames for now. Maybe one will stick; maybe none will. We'll just have to see. Any thoughts?


Inheritor of Heaven said...

Napoleon Dynamite for the bonus points please. (It's a Sledgehammer if I remember correctly)

Jae said...

I like Sunscreen, that's cute!

How are things, missy?