Friday, May 04, 2007

A few more things about CPE

Now that I've gotten the majority of my sorting done, I was looking through my notes and found a few things I'd like to share. These are some of the things I've learned.

1. When I run from pain, I become irrelevant-in regards to the pain of people in the congregation.

2. "Oh the agony of heart until someone finds us out." This is a quote from one of Robert Frost's poems. Supa is fond of quoting Frost, and I really liked this line. It is something to think about.

3. It's okay to have anger. But we might want to make it anger with love and forgiveness (ALF).

4. Change=Grief. All things come to an end in some way or another. Grief is cumulative because new grief taps into old grief.

5. It is okay to be wrong and vulnerable.

6. You are loved, and They are loved.

7. God likes a tree for its tree-ness. God likes me for my me-ness! Go Cursive!
-Supa shared this with me one day during group via a note scribbled on yellow notebook paper. I said near the beginning that I didn't want to be block print, I wanted to be cursive! (In regards to making the ministry I offer be specked with pieces of me).

This is not ALL of what I learned, but a few bulleted "biggies." I got a lot from them. I hope you are able to think about them as well.

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