Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Well... Today, I took Ma to her neurology appointment. It turns out that they don't think she has Alzheimer's. The doctor called it a degenerative brain process, or dementia without further differentiation. She's got hardening of the arteries in her brain, which is closing off blood vessels, thus acting somewhat like strokes. Pretty much, there still isn't much they can do for her. The diagnosis could change. I like her "new" neurologist a lot better than the old one. One time with the old one, I was asking questions and the doctor got up and practically ran down the hall to get away from me. She basically dismissed us. Today, the doctor sat with us, answered me, and even gave personal examples from his own family. It was heartening.

In other news, I'm going to a state park here in Illinois so one of my friends and I can go hiking! I'm excited. I LOVE hiking at the park where we go! It's kind of like tradition for us. We've walked almost every trail at the bigger state park because that's where we go. It's so much fun. We're going on Friday. Yeehaw. And, I'm totally wanting to go skydiving! I can't wait. I dug out my log book that I need to take with me next time I go up there so I can redeem my 2nd jump that I bought last year. I'm SO excited!

And, finally, I got my car fixed to the tune of way more money than I'd hoped to spend. Yikes. But, it's nice to know that when I go to start the car, it will start, and the wheel no longer vibrates when I'm applying the brakes. So, yay for a fully functional car. I just need this sucker to last me for four more years at the very least!!! :) Anyway, that's about it for now. Have a nice day, and hopefully you all find your comfort and rest.

Remind me to blog about how nature makes me feel.

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