Sunday, January 28, 2007

Tomorrow is the Big Day.

Class here at Seminary starts tomorrow. I'm only taking one, because I'm doing CPE now, too. I'm taking "Ages of Faith and Reform." I believe it's a history class. What I'm most excited about, though, is the fact that there is chapel every weekday. I really like worshiping here. During J-term, I think they only do chapel on Wednesday afternoons. I went this past Wednesday, and it was cool. They are using the new "cranberry" hymnal. I went to worship today at a nearby church with two new friends, and that church also uses the new hymnal. I'm not very familiar with it yet, but it's nice. When I went to chapel Wednesday, I opened the book and noticed in the very front that there was a sticker or something that said something along the lines of, "Given from ILC, MyHomeChurchTown, Illinois; a partner in the Gospel." I knew we donated new hymnals, but I just thought it was cool that the very first time I sat down for chapel, I got to use one that my church donated. :)

In other news, for some odd reason, right now I am feeling similar to the way I felt on my first day of kindergarten 19 years ago. I wish I still had my little bookbag which was not like any of the other kids' bookbags. It was like a little briefcase that did not go on my back, but that I carried with two handles. It had school buses on it. I hated it back then, but now I remember it fondly. I feel kind of scared, but also very hopeful and excited that pretty soon I'm going to be making lots of friends, and getting to hang out and do fun community-type activities with people that I will get to know and love. I'm eagerly anticipating the day when I can consider this place to be a home of sorts. Right now, I don't call it home. I say, "It took me x amount of time to get back to Seminary the other day." I'm not saying, "It took me x amount of time to get home the other day." But I suspect that will change. My home will always be my home, but I hope that I can consider this place my home away from home. Also, whenever I hear about people who have gone here, I notice that they speak of it in incredibly fond ways. I want that kind of bond with this place, and the people who live here. So, I say as I am about to begin my first day, "Bring it on. I'm ready to dive in." It is my prayer and fervent hope that I can grow into my role as a seminarian. Quite befitting to this feeling is a song we sang during worship at the CPE house the other day. It is hymn # 814 in Evangelical Lutheran Worship.

"Take, oh, take me as I am;
summon out what I shall be;
set your seal upon my heart and live in me."

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Jacki said...

fear not, it will come :) it may take a bit to get settled in, but i remember going home for christmas after my first semester freshman year and calling it home and my mom got upset about it :P you'll do just fine trish!

love you and good luck with your first day of class!