Saturday, January 06, 2007

I'm trying to feel ambitious...

Well, here we are at the beginning of a new year. People are making resolutions, and to-do lists, and making all sorts of plans for the future. Well, I'm not much one for resolutions, but I do realize that perhaps I should make a to-do list, considering it is getting to be crunch time at Casa de Trish and Ma. So, here is my shot at a way to organize my thoughts...

To Do:
Pack the stuff I will not need until after the move
Finish getting medical records to send to the hospital where I am doing CPE
Hang out with a few more friends/relatives
Do the book project at church that I told Pastor I'd do a few months ago...
Take some Pepto Bismol and calm down
Move to Seminary
Register for a couple of classes (The registrar said Monday the 15 would work; see, I'm not too late. :))
Take up drinking in large quantities in order to calm down
Unpack my stuff and make the ol' dorm room "home sweet home"
Begin orientation for CPE
Settle into life at Seminary
Wonder why I was freaked out at all...

And that is as ambitious as I'm gonna get right now... :) Have a nice day.

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