Saturday, January 27, 2007

Dude, I totally harshed my own mellow...

Today, I was in CPETown doing my work at the hospital. I slapped some bucks into my pocket this morning to make sure I had enough money to have lunch. I ate all last week, and 3 days this week using twenty dollars. I still have $.60 left from that original 20. So, I was hoping the same amount would last me again. So, I didn't have to use my $20 bucks today, so it was just in my pocket. And, at the end of my shift, it was no longer there. It fell out of my pocket. So, me being as frugal as I am, was quite bummed about that. I guess I learned my lesson: Don't put lunch money in the same pocket as the paper I take out to jot notes on. *sigh* What's that about how we can't serve two masters? I figure someone who needed it more than I do found it and was blessed by it. I hope so, anyway. I would be totally bummed if some rich doctor found it... :) I'm a dork.

Anyway, my day was not all bad. I made some good contacts in the hospital. The best all day was with a 16 year old young man. He was honest and open, but he wasn't contrived or patronizing. I appreciated it greatly. Another up point in my day was that I met a very cute CNA this morning. We shall call him "Rob." I was in a room when he came in to deliver some OJ. He talked to the patient and then talked to me some. Later on, I saw him again and he talked to me again. And then, later in the hallway while I was charting, he came up to me and was feeding me this really dorky story about how the "Big Boss" really liked this (completely fabricated, in no way a possibility) idea of his. I played along with him and it was fun. Then when he was done saying that, he said something else along the lines of, "I don't mean to be too forward here, but I just wanted you to know that you are a beautiful woman. In fact, one of the most beautiful women I've seen in a while." And I was flabbergasted! I'm not typically considered the "beautiful" type. I'm the "cute" one. So, instead of thinking up all the reasons why he must be lying, I'm choosing to believe him. I was flattered. So, it's nice to be complimented sometimes, especially by people who are seemingly honest. I don't know why else he'd say that, so I'm believing he was being truthful. So, thanks "Rob;" you're not too bad yourself! :)

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Jae said...

Why not believe him? You're totally hot and I'm not just saying that! :)