Friday, January 05, 2007

The roads we take

Well, I'm finally beginning to get into preparations mode for my upcoming move to seminary. Sis, BiL, YS, and I will be making the trek out there on January 14th to get me moved. CPE starts on the 16th, and seminary is closer to CPE town than my town. So, I'm excited. There is just a lot to be done before I can go, though. I was in relaxed mode up until yesterday afternoon, but that is beginning to change.

Last night, I went and had dinner with a very good friend. We try to make it a point to hang out once a month, although with busy schedules and life happening, that doesn't always happen. But, it was pretty important we made time for this get-together because we are both moving. She is going east and I am going west, and we will be the farthest apart we've ever been for an extended period of time. But she and her husband are moving because we're "grown ups" now, and adulthood has those things like jobs, grad schools, and families...

It's sad, in a way, that we've come to this point. We've known each other since the green table in kindergarten. She was the tall kid, and I was the short kid, and we just seemed to click. And even after she moved away in high school, we kept in touch. She was there to talk to me when I was going through my "anxious phase," through difficulties I've had in my family life, and more recently, when I was having some difficulty processing the event that happened at Restaurant on October 13th. It is my hope that she has found encouragement and comfort in my friendship along the way, as well.

We are growing up. We've ventured down different paths; trying to stay true to ourselves and our own desires and needs. This is why our impending separation is not completely sad. We can't remain here and continue to learn and grow in the ways our hearts desire. It is my sincere hope that we continue to talk, to learn about each other, and to occasionally get together to catch up on life. Frederick Buechner is quoted as saying, "The place that God calls us is that place where the world's deep hunger and our deep desire meet." My deep desire is to serve God's people by living with them in community, by presiding over the table where Christ is present, and by performing the sacraments and rites that are involved with people of faith. Jae is discerning whether or not her deep desire is a future in counseling. Whatever happens, I'm confident that Christ is with us on our journeys, and I pray that He would guide us, not just to a plan, but to our purpose.

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Jae said...

That was beautiful. Way prettier than the mush I wrote. ;)

Keep in touch. We did it all these years so I know we can do it now.

Love ya.