Monday, January 22, 2007

Pop Tarts are great!

And not just because they are a wonderful, portable, easy breakfast! Sis gave me some Pop Tarts for my dorm room here, and I finally had a packet of them today. I was looking on the box and I saw that I had another one of those "Free Download" boxes! These are the ones where there is a code on the inside of the box and you can go to the website and put in your code and download a song. So, I did that today. I didn't know what to download because there are a lot of songs I really like, but I decided on the remake, "Life is a Highway" by Rascal Flatts. It's a cool song. It's on the soundtrack to the movie "Cars" (A good movie, btw. I recommend it). I'm amazed that it only took about 3 minutes to download the tune though. That is the joy of cable Internet. The last time I tried to download a song from them, it took me 3 days because it kept timing out or something because I had dial up. Yay!

In other news, I pre-registered for my class today. I have to take the forms back to the office next Monday and finalize it. I decided to only take one class on top of CPE. That'll be 8 credit hours altogether. I don't want to burn out with the commute, loads of homework, and all the other things that are involved with attending seminary. I am feeling pretty good about this whole situation today.

Pastor was here again today for another continuing education event. I went to the other building to check to see if I had any mail, and when I was coming back through, he was sitting at a table having lunch. He motioned for me to come over and chat with him. That was nice. I wish I would have worn my "MySeminary" sweatshirt today; we could have been twins! lol. I contemplated it, but decided on my black zip up instead. Oh well.

Tomorrow I have to go back to CPE town because Tuesday is one of my working days. I just hope that it doesn't snow too much and make a mess out of the roads again.

And finally, I ventured outside of the seminary today to go some places by myself. I went to Target and HyVee and got some stuff for my refrigerator. I'm not a big fan of venturing places I've never been if I have to drive, but if I'm going to be living here, I need to get used to the roads and stuff. So, that's that. I'm back, all safe and sound. And with that, I'm going to go. Peace.

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Anonymous said...

Im glad you finally made the venture to Hyvee and Target. Its not too difficult to get around especially if you take Cedar Cross Road. And to answer your inquiring mind, Mr Trouble still lives with me. At the moment, he is hanging out on my headboard. Well hope life in Dubuque is good. I miss Wartburg lots!