Thursday, September 07, 2006


'Sup, people? Man, I should be in BED right now! I'm bad. Oh well, I have a legitimate reason for being up this late. I just got done with my homework. And no, I wasn't procrastinating (well, I was, but not too terribly). I actually was busy and couldn't get to my work. I am leading worship this Sunday and so I had to write my message and get it sent to Pastor. He and his wife are leaving tomorrow to go on vacation. I hate having to drag him away from what he is doing on vacation to read the message I should have had sent to him prior to their departure. So, I wanted to get that done. I did and he gave it the thumbs up. I'm thrilled. So, then, our church council meeting was changed from Monday to tonight (Wednesday, even though it is technically Thursday right now) because of the Labor Day holiday. I had to go to that because I am the secretary. Plus, they talk about me a lot because of the Student Aid fund and what not. I like to be in the know, ya know? So, I got home tonight and had some dinnah and then got (almost) straight to my homework. If I wasn't feeling so crappy, I might have been able to get at it sooner, but I think I have a sinus infection or something. It's making me queasy. :( Thank the Lord for chewable Pepto Bismol (it actually tastes like that old candy "bottlecaps"). And anyway, I've noticed something in several of my recent posts... Sometimes I am a little too negative. I think I'm going to start working on that because negativity is not something I want to let get a foothold in my life. Pastor and I have been talking about my impending application to seminary and I have been feeling weird about that, and kind of down on myself. He talked to the dean of students at the seminary to which I plan to apply and the dean said that starting in January isn't a bad idea. Pastor emailed me and told me about his convo with that man. He gave me a little boost when he said, "Some things/people are worth the extra investment." Now, I didn't think much about that comment until tonight when I stuck around after council to have a brief chat with Pastor. I thought he had meant that some extra time at Seminary wouldn't be a bad thing because it's a cool place. But during our chat, he said, "Did I make myself clear when I emailed you the last time?" And I said, "Yes. Extra time at Seminary wouldn't be bad because it's worth the extra investment." And he said, "I meant that YOU are worth the extra investment." Thanks for the reminder, Pastor. Sometimes I forget. And that is my daily outpouring, poor self-esteem issues and all. Have a nice day.

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