Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I was wondering...

As time continues to pass, and as I continue to plan for my post undergraduate studies, I have found myself wondering a few things. Here are some questions I have regarding my (hopefully) acceptance to seminary and life therein:

What kinds of things should I take for my dorm room?

What do students do for money?

How many people at Seminary like chili? (this is a whole other blog post to itself; I just need to write it)

What is CPE like?

If there were a few words of wisdom from people who have "Been there, done that," what are they?

Ok, that is what I've been wondering lately. Anyone care to chime in?


T said...

I would take things for your dorm room that will remind you of home but also important to take bedding stuff like that too. Many students on campus have work study and grants to help pay for school. Very few work other jobs. We always would try to find cheap things to do so we didnt have to spend a whole lot of money. Funny you should mention chili. Wartburg has a chili cook-off every year so I would say people like chili! Not sure what CPE is like since Ive never done it. Its not a requirement of the MA program. And my words are wisdom are to be yourself, and have some fun along the way too. Seminary can be hard but you'll get through it. The people there are so helpful etc. And trust the process...you'll hear that a lot. well hope that helps!

SneakerProphet said...


Thanks for the question on my blog. Yes, actually, it was cathartic. And in response, I'm answering this question with a posted letter of my own, to you. You can find it on my main page or go to the permalink: http://waysneak.blogspot.com/2006/10/to-aspiring-seminarian.html